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Game of Thrones Recap: Ep. 46, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

g2Arya has spent weeks now diligently cleaning the bodies of the dead and when one is taken away and the door left open, she thinks it is her chance to see what they do with the bodies. Arya makes her way to the door but when she is about to open it, the waif pushes it closed and locks it. Arya is pissed and demands to know what happens to the bodies but the waif tells her she is not ready. Arya asks when she can play the game and is told she has already failed several times. The girl asks Arya who she is and when Arya replies, “No one,” the waif just smirks. Arya then asks the waif who she is and she begins to tell Arya a story. The waif says she was from a noble house and, after her mother died, her new stepmother birthed a girl and didn’t want anyone standing in the way of her daughter inheriting everything, so her stepmother tried to have the waif poisoned. The waif found out and sought help from the Faceless Men and her father was widowed once more. Arya, who appeared to enjoy the girl’s tale of revenge, similar as it was to her own, is confused when the waif asks Arya if the story was the truth or a lie.

That night, Arya awakes to Jaqen H’ghar asking her who she is. She tells him she is Arya and then begins to tell the story of who she is. Each time she lies, he hits her with a whip. She continues the story and is whipped again on her next lie. Arya tells how she left the Hound to die in the mountains because she hates him and wanted him to suffer, and Jaqen whips her. Arya screams that it is not a lie and she does hate the Hound and is whipped again. Jaqen tells her she cannot be no one if she lies even to herself. Arya fumes, saying she does not want to play the game anymore, but Jaqen tells her they are always playing.

Jorah and Tyrion continue to bicker when Jorah finally asks Tyrion why he is in Volantis. Tyrion eg2xplains that he had to flee since he killed his father, Tywin. Tyrion tells Jorah at least he had a good father, having met him when he was up at the Wall. Tyrion recites what the Night’s Watch said about Jeor Mormont when he died and only then realizes Jorah didn’t know his father had died. Jorah asks how it happened and Tyrion reluctantly tells him Jeor’s own brothers rose up in mutiny against him when he was on a mission north of the Wall, which Jorah accepts without comment.

Arya is back to work scrubbing floors when a man brings a young girl in and sets her down. He claims to Arya that he has taken the girl to every healer in Braavos and just wants her suffering to end. Seeming to decide to handle this one on her own instead of fetching someone, Arya goes to the girl and begins to tell her a story. Arya tells the girl she was sick like her and her father brought her here to pray to the Many-Faced God, and that by drinking the water, she was healed. Arya then fills a cup with water from the fountain and gives it to the girl to drink. Next we see Arya, preparing the girl’s body as she has done with all the other bodies. Jaqen appears and takes Arya down a passageway to a room filled with pillars covered in faces. Jaqen asks if the girl is ready to give up her ears, nose and tongue, her hopes and dreams, all that make up a girl. Then he answers for her, saying no, the girl is not ready to become no one, but she is ready to become someone else.

Tyrion and Jorah talk politics and Jorah explains why he is no longer a cynic after having seen Daenerys walk into fire with three stone eggs and emerge unharmed with baby dragons. As they walk, Jorah sees a slaver’s ship and they duck behind some  rocks. Not fast enough, though, as the slavers come up behind them and take them captive. Tyrion uses his quick wit and gift of gab to convince their captors not to cut off his magical dwarf penis just yet and to keep Jorah alive to fight in the pits in Meereen.

Littlefinger arrives in King’s Landing and is met by the Sparrows. Mouthpiece Brother Lancel explains they have cleansed the city and are not going to let him pass when Littlefinger tells them he is here on orders from the Queen Mother. They let him pass but warn that they will not allow him to get up to his old tricks.

When he makes it to her chambers, Littlefinger questions Cersei’s decision to imprison Loras and Cersei says Loras should have been more careful about who he got into bed with. Littlefinger takes the obvious jab at Cersei about unwise bedding choices and Cersei changes the subject, asking Littlefinger if the Vale will come to the aid of the crown. Littlefinger tells her Robyn always heeds his advice and he always advises on the side of the crown. He tells Cersei he was disappointed he could not locate Arya for her as she had asked of him, and reveals that he has located Sansa who has returned home to Winterfell. Cersei is delighted with this information and asks what it is Littlefinger wants in return. Littlefinger advises to let Stannis Baratheon and the Boltons battle for control of the North, and then to take the armies from the Vale that he is offering up to take out whomever won. In return, he wants to be named Warden of the North. Cersei agrees, but warns that she will only believe his loyalty when he brings her Sansa’s head on a spike.

g3Trystane puts a flower in Myrcella’s hair and tells her that he’s going to ask for them to be married tomorrow. She questions his motives, but Trystane silences her with a kiss. Myrcella says they can’t yet, but he says they’re betrothed and so it’s okay for them to walk the gardens together. Doran remarks to Areo Hotah that the two make a good, but dangerous, couple and tells Areo that he hopes he remembers how to use his ax as they may need it soon.

Bronn sings as he and Jaime travel through Dorne, having donned the clothing from the guards they killed last episode. They come upon a party traveling to the Water Gardens and blend in with them. Ellaria meets with the Sand Snakes and tells them it is time to take Myrcella. Jaime and Bronn enter the Gardens and Myrcella recognizes her uncle and asks what he is doing here. He tells her they must speak privately and Trystane notices the blood stained on their clothing. Bronn warns Trystane not to do anything stupid, but he does and attempts to pull his sword, prompting Bronn to knock him over the head. As they are about to flee, the Sand Snakes descend upon them and one begins to take Myrcella off as the others fight Jaime, Bronn and Trystane. Areo arrives after a show of skill all around and surrounds everyone. He has his guards take all of them into custody. Likewise, guards descend on Ellaria and take her into custody.

Olena arrives in King’s Landing and tells Margaery they won’t be able to keep Loras g1imprisoned if she has anything to do with it. Olena meets with Cersei and demands she release Loras, but Cersei tells her it is not she who has imprisoned him but those of the faith, and that it will not be a trial, but a holy inquisition. A little too coolly, Cersei assures Olena that once the inquest is done, Loras will be freed.

The High Sparrow leads the inquest and questions Loras about his previous relations with Renly. Loras claims to only have been Renly’s friend, saying Renly was his king. Loras states he was wrong to have followed Renly and Joffrey already forgave him. The High Sparrow dismisses Loras who returns to his seat, only to call on Margaery for testimony. She is appalled at g4being called as she is the Queen, but the High Sparrow states not even the crown is protected against a holy inquest. She takes her seat and he asks her to swear before the gods regarding any knowledge of Loras being with another man. Margaery tells the High Sparrow that she has no such knowledge and the rumors are lies so he dismisses her. That is when the High Sparrow calls in Loras’ squire, Olyvar. Olyvar tells everyone he did, in fact, have relations with Loras, adding that Margaery even walked in on them once. Cersei feigns outrage and questions why they should believe a squire over their own queen. Olyvar tells the High Sparrow that Loras has a birthmark high on on his thigh. The High Sparrow then has Loras and Margaery officially arrested.

There is a knock at Sansa’s door and it’s Miranda. Miranda tells Sansa she was sent by Ramsay to draw her bath. As Miranda washes Sansa’s hair, she begins to tell her about Ramsay and his boredom with the other girls he has been with, culminating with how Ramsay allowed her to come along on one of “the hunts.” Miranda asks Sansa if she ever saw a person after they were torn apart by hounds. Sansa, not idly accepting the taunts, asks Miranda how long she has loved Ramsay. In her shock Miranda says nothing, and Sansa tells her Winterfell is her home and Miranda does not frighten her. Miranda asks Sansa if she is done with her bath and Sansa tells Miranda she can finish on her own.

Sansa is dressed in white for her wedding when Reek finds her in her room. He asks if she will take his arm so he can escortg5 her and Sansa tells him she would never. Reek is upset and tells Sansa that Ramsay will punish him if she doesn’t, but Sansa tells him she doesn’t care. Sansa is escorted to the godswood where her wedding ceremony is to take place. Miranda watches tearfully as Reek chokes out that he is Theon Greyjoy, former ward to Eddard Stark, there to give Sansa Stark away. Ramsay looks pleased as Sansa winces out the words that she will be his bride. Ramsay and Sansa go to the bedroom afterward, escorted again by Reek. Ramsay tells Sansa he heard she was a virgin and she tells him that yes, she is. Ramsay tells her he would hate to find out she is lying to him on their wedding night then commands her to strip. Reek turns to leave but Ramsay orders him to stay and watch. Ramsay turns to Sansa again, saying he does not want to have to tell her to strip twice, so Sansa turns around and tearfully begins to undress. Ramsay tears open the back of Sansa’s dress and pushes her face into the bed as he takes her and Reek watches, also crying.

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