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Samsung Teases Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge

You may soon be able to rock an Iron Man edition of the Samsung Galaxy S6!

Samsung recently tweeted an image of what appears to be a red Galaxy S6 Edge box with Iron Man’s face embossed in gold with the words “coming soon” glowing above.

The tweet has since been deleted by Samsung, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that any plans to release the special edition Iron Man S6 are being scrapped from the table.

Samsung’s head of marketing for their mobile division announced earlier in the month that the new phones would be released late May or early June.

This new phone will have been created due to a partnership between Samsung and Marvel.

Samsung has released a few advertising campaigns in cooperation with Marvel, and in one of them you may be able to see what the Iron Man themed phone will look like. View the video below and shortly after theĀ  3:00 marker you will see the Iron Man Galaxy phone, as well as other versions corresponding to the different Avengers.

There is no word yet on what the price of this new phone will be, and we do not know if it will be exclusive to certain wireless carriers.

Samsung’s tweet only specifies that it will be available for the Edge, but there is a possibility that it may be available for the normal S6 as well.

The Edge has nearly identical specifications to the normal S6, but the screen on the Edge is curved, allowing for colorful side notifications when the phone is placed faced down. It is slightly thicker than the S6, but also is slightly lighter in weight.

Both phones run on Android Lollipop and boast a unibody aluminum design with 32 GB of storage available at the base model level. There is no removable battery or external storage slot, which is a huge change from past Galaxy incarnations, where those features were standard.

The Galaxy S6 currently starts at $199.99 USD (with a 2 year standard contract), while the Edge is priced starting at $299.99 USD (again, with a 2 year standard contract).

Would you rock an Iron Man S6 Edge? Let us know in the comments below!

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