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REVIEW: Doctor Who: the Eleventh Doctor – “Conversion – Part One”

Doctor Who the Eleventh Doctor #12
WRITER: Rob Williams
ARTIST: Warren Pleece
COVER BY: Simon Fraser
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jeezypetes, will I be glad when all the Doctor Who issues I write reviews for are out of the teens. I can’t tell you how not fun it is to have dyslexia and be assigned to cover the Tenth Doctor #11 Eleventh Doctor #12 and the Twelfth Doctor #10. Can we just pull a Todd McFarlane and skip a few numbers, thanks?

Enough of that! Let’s get in it! Geronimo, and all that rot!

We start with the Doctor and one third of his companions, Jones, trying to dodge East Doctor_Who_11_12_preview_page_1German bullets as they motorbike across the top of the Berlin Wall. See, just a boring intro, as typical of the Doctor! Jones causally remarks about how he’s been feeling a bit low lately, and the Doctor, ever the empath, suggests it may be because everyone’s been trying to kill them lately.

Although this issue starts a new story arc, there are still tendrils of the last reaching into this one. The Doctor is still trying to set right the harm he did to the Entity while under the influence of SERVEYOUinc. Unfortunately this relationship is not without it’s firery climax. While fleeing the East Germans, the Doctor and Jones escape into space and encounter a “not-a-comet” which engulfs the TARDIS and hurls them and Alice and ARC into Roman times. The Doctor realizes that the TARDIS is willingly allowing itself to be Doctor_Who_11_12_preview_page_2sucked into the “not-a-comet’s” flames! The motive for such destruction is tied to the mysterious Entity, of which ARC is the brain. This intimate relationship proves invaluable as the TARDIS hurdles to Earth in the “not-a-comet’s” wake.

Meanwhile two opposing Roman rivals are poised for war on Earth, 312 AD. Their bloodshed is interrupted by the bright light of the “not-a-comet” entering the atmosphere. What the impact reveals is more terrifying than the prospect of world destruction via meteor strike!

This is a great start to a new arc! I like the banter, I like the set up, and I like the setting of ancient Rome. I didn’t start feeling a kinship to Alice, Jones, and ARC until last issue, so I’m very glad to be going into this storyline with a bit of skin in the game. It’s not necessary to have read the recent previous adventures of the Eleventh Doctor to enjoy this new arc, so go ahead and jump right in with issue #12.

This issue’s humor strip includes the adventures of Eleven and Rory “enjoying” one of Earth’s greatest pastimes, a football match. Unfortunately the Doctor, who we know doesn’t like to just sit still and watch (“Doctor Who” – The Power of Three, Season 7, Episode 4, you’re welcome), has some ideas on how to improve the game.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #12 fell to Earth yesterday, Wednesday the 20th, but did not try to entrap the TARDIS, as far as we here at Geek Girl World is aware.

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