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Geek Girls Ink’d: Harold & HP, Superman, and Harley Quinn & Jack

harold & harryFirst up this time is Laura Ann Mach from LA. Laura has a great mash-up tattoo of Harold and the Purple Crayon and Harry Potter. Harold and the Purple Crayon was her favorite book when growing up and the Harry Potter series is her favorite as an adult so putting them together was a no-brainer. Laura did a wonderful job combining the innocence and imagination of both worlds into one tattoo and the idea of Harold using his purple crayon to draw a patronus was simple yet powerful. Armando, owner of True Identity Ink, had the pleasure of turning this concept into art about six months ago. Not a lot of people have heard of Harold and the Purple Crayon so it is fun for Laura to get people interested in the story through her tattoo and those who do know it and understand the mash-up think it’s brilliant, or cute. Cute is good, too.

We next come to Kristen Richards, who calls Las Vegas her hometownIMG_20150419_172456_rewind. Her tattoo was a long time coming as she was 30-years-old before she finally got it done. She thought long and hard about what she wanted her first tattoo to be and chose the DC comics Superman symbol. She has been a fan of Superman since she was a little kid and still loves him. Kristen believes in everything Superman stands for: being the best you can be, helping others, and using your own power for the betterment of mankind. Kristen believes in the decency of humanity that Superman represents and the ideal that everyone should aspire to be. She originally went into Pricz tattoo studio with the idea of getting a small symbol on her ankle but after a lengthy discussion with the artist they both agreed that a bigger, bolder, full color tattoo would be more fitting for what she wanted to represent. After all, there isn’t really anything dainty about Superman. It’s been about ten years since Kristen went into that tattoo shop for her first tattoo and she still loves it as much as she did the first day. The colors remain fresh and bright and she has gotten nothing but positive attention from her super tattoo. It helps that she works as a teacher and her students always love it when they see it. She always tells them she has it because her students are all super. This tattoo is an integral part of who Kristen is now, is a great conversation starter, and she wouldn’t change it for anything.

tabLastly, we have Tabatha Walker, born and raised in Las Vegas. Tabatha couldn’t choose just one of her tattoos as they both are equally meaningful to her. She first got a tattoo of Jack Skellington’s head on her wrist from Steadfast Tattoo as a Friday the 13th special. It was done on a whim, but she made sure it was still something very meaningful to her. Tabatha loves not only the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas but the concept and life that surround the movie, the creator, and everything that blossomed from it as well. Her other tattoo was done by Chad at True Identity Ink and is inspired by Harley Quinn. Tabatha has always been drawn to the character of Harley Quinn and admires her for how amazing and strong she is. She loves that she is not really a villain or a hero, but rather does what is necessary in her life for herself and what makes her happy. Tabatha spent years contemplating what she wanted to do for her diamonds tattoo and finally decided on this design. She has had some negative pushback from people who have said she would be prettier if she hadn’t messed up her skin, but those are very few and very far between. Tabatha finds her ink beautiful and has absolutely no regrets.

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