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Comic Review: Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor #8

STORY BY: Robbie Morrison
ART BY: Brian Williamson
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ahhh, the sweet satisfaction of the end of a great three-part story! If you haven’t picked up the Twelfth Doctor series yet, see if your shop still has #6 and #7 in stock and catch up on this last story line. It’s a fast-paced, quick-hitter that gives us the best of Twelve and Clara, with some wibbly wobbly science on the side.

Dr Who 12 BWhen we last left the Doctor and Clara, we weren’t quite sure where he went, or what she was going to do next. But we open right in the thick of things with Clara piloting a double decker down the streets of London, and the Doctor rummaging through the TARDIS for a Rubik’s Cube. Or…something that looks like a Rubik’s Cube, anyway. Oh, well, I’m sure that will be useful later! The Doctor disposes of Paul Foster’s rift-jumping suit, complete with the particles the Fraction has been using to track the man, out the door of the TARDIS into a burning sun. Clara, cool as ever, and possibly enjoying the chaos a little, calls the Doctor up to touch base. And good thing she does, too, because the Doctor is quite sure that Clara is in serious peril. Really, she’s a companion, so why wouldn’t she be?

Meanwhile, UNIT is busy firing physical bullets at the Fracture, which is all sorts of wispy and ethereal. And that should tell you everything you need to know about UNIT right now.

Dr Who 12 CThe Doctor introduces the Fraction to the Time Lord version of a Poké ball as he separates one of the human hosts from the rest of the group. After some interrogation, the Doctor comes away with a better idea of what must, and must not, be done. He then decides to use the TARDIS as a sort of bait, then leaves Clara with his spare sonic screwdriver and UNIT boss Kate Stewart with a gun I’m pretty sure he bought from Jeebs, the MiB informant.  P.S., why I love Clara is concentrated on page 16. She’s just crazy enough to roll with the Doctor. Straight up, Clara is damned plucky.

I think Robbie Morrison writing Twelve is enjoyably reminiscent of Nine at his best. He’s slick but put together, and still excited after 900 years to be doing what he does. And Brian Williamson’s artwork reflects that. I love love love the ending. It’s 100% the Doctor in all incarnations.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #8 is on sale Wednesday, May 27th.

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2 thoughts on “Comic Review: Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor #8

  1. Hi Julie – Thanks for your kind words, and your support. Glad you liked “The Fractures.” :)

    1. Wow! Thank YOU for reading my review! I absolutely did enjoy “The Fractures” story. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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