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Tea Review: Dean’s Apple Pie Life

So a bunch of stuff from Sew Geek Austin arrived yesterday (yay) and chief among items was the Demon Hunters Tea Gift Set which I gifted to myself because 1) I love tea, and 2) Supernatural season 10 ended last week so why not. This i going to sound like some kind of paid endorsement of Sew Geek Austin (someone please get me everything, but mostly the House Snark shirt I am dying), but it’s not – I spent a portion of my hard-earned paycheck from the day job to treat myself to Supernatural fan merchandise and to try out one of the tea blends with the idea that I may get samples of the other blends offered if this one was to my liking (it was, so I guess I’ll be buying more tea to review).

It's a gift to me!
It’s a gift to me!

First off, the main component of this blend is rooibos, utilizing rooibos cinnamon apple and rooibos vanilla. Expect to get bits everywhere. When you open the cute little tin, the tart sweetness of apple hits the nose first, the lightest hints of vanilla smoothing out the overarching aroma and the caramel providing a bit of depth.

Rooibos cinnamon apple, caramel, and rooibos vanilla
Rooibos cinnamon apple, caramel, and rooibos vanilla



The tea ball is pretty good even though I’ve only  used once so far. It wasn’t able to keep all the rooibos inside – I think you need a mesh finer than a cheese cloth to achieve that, but the locking mechanism is good and the counterweight ensured the chain didn’t fall into my cup. Plus this one comes with an anti-possession insignia so my tea is always going to be demon-free. The hinge is where I can see potential issues in the future; it doesn’t always open easily, but with a slight jiggle it presented no problems.

The rooibos gets everywhere

I steeped my cup at the recommended 212 degrees for five minutes. The apple notes really bloom, and the tea smells much sweeter than it does just in the tin. The rooibos really brightens this blend up (as it should, being the primary base ingredient). The tea is smooth and refreshing, with a mellow sweetness and the barest bite of cinnamon. The mouthfeel is substantial without feeling heavy, but possibly the only downside is, after finishing a cup, there is the feeling of maybe needing to brush your teeth either from bits of rooibos or that slightly sugary feel after consuming something sweet (probably from the caramel). Still, I could end up drinking several cups in a row without batting an eye, and you really ought to brush your teeth after eating and/or drinking, anyway.

Bits of rooibos escaped the tea ball and are floating in the lovely amber-colored tea

I give this blend five out of five stars. You can purchase the tea here, or get a set like mine here.

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