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RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: S7 E14

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the Season 7 finale! It begins with a re-introduction of all of the Queens, who each walk the runway in some fabulous outfits. Of course Katya & Kennedy Davenport are met with huge applause. Is anyone surprised by this?

When RuPaul comes out, lip syncing to her song “The Realness” (because obviously), she lets the audience know that she’s having a hard time deciding who to crown the winner, so each of the final Queens must do a final lip sync to a song created just for them.

First up, Ginger Minj, who lip syncs to a song about not being able to pray the gay away. You gotta hand it to Ginger: she’s quite the performer, which the judges point out when she finishes her performance. She sits down with RuPaul for a little interview before a clip package of all of her fans is played. One of the videos is from Ginger’s dad and let the tears flow! The two haven’t had much of a relationship so for Ginger to see her dad support her obviously means a lot. THE FEELS!

Can I also quickly mention that JOHN WATERS supports Ginger?! Okay, that’s all.

rupaul final 3Pearl’s song is about being a sleepwalker and it’s pretty darn boring. I get the irony but yikes! But the judges praise Pearl’s “awakening” during the competition. She admits that the fear of looking stupid held her back, but she finally just let go.

Aside from Pearl’s friends and family clip montage, they did an additional montage called “The Curse of Pearl,” which showcased the conspiracy of any Queen that crosses Pearl getting eliminated during that same episode. It’s actually kind of funny, and scary accurate!

And then there’s Violet Chachki, who performs a song about having too many daddies and not enough time. Her act is very Bettie Page-esque, with a striptease thrown in for good measure. Is it weird that I’m oddly jealous of Violet’s stripping skills when I have none? The judges love Violet’s sense of fashion and how she’s one of the few Queens that actually sews! They play her clip montage and alas, it’s pretty unemotional, but her friends and family are pretty funny.

Before the winner is announced, Ru spends some time talking to the eliminated Queens. Some highlights from the segment include:

Tempest DuJour in her finest attire
Tempest DuJour in her finest attire

– Jasmine Marsters receiving some positive words from her role model, Patti LaBelle. It’s a sweet moment concocted by Ru to counterbalance all of the negativity Jasmine has faced on social media.

– Apparently, Kandy Ho lived in Connecticut until she was ten before moving to Puerto Rico.

– Jaidynn Diore Fierce is out and proud and her mom loves her for it.

– Miss Fame brings a chicken out on stage, but doesn’t even speak chicken. I feel cheated!

– Katya tells Ru she wanted to tackle her, stuff her wig into her mouth & have Ru pee on her. So there was that…amazingness.

– Ru tells everyone to go see Kennedy Davenport live, which is kind of a big deal.

Next up, the Miss Congeniality Award! Last year’s winner, Ben de la Creme, comes out in a costume a la “Ginger/Sasha conjoined twins at the boob” with Michelle Visage and announces KATYA as the winner! Like anyone had any doubts. Katya wins a gold version of the Ru statue and, more importantly, cash.

Katya werking it at the RuPaul's Drag Race finale
Katya werking it at the RuPaul’s Drag Race finale

Then it’s time to announce RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar for Season 7. Last year’s winner Bianca Del Rio – who is serving living statue realness – comes out to help crown the winner.

As is customary, Ru draws out the announcement, and at one point coughs, pauses, and asks for Katya. The audience, three remaining Queens AND Katya all freak out. But phooey, it was just a joke and all Ru wants is some water from Katya. The finalists are relieved. I am not.

And the winner is…VIOLET! With crown on head and scepter in hand, Violet does one final runway walk, claiming her win.

And there you have it folks! Till next time, always remember, the struggle is real so keep it fierce!

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