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Orphan Black Recap: Ep. 308, “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method”

Delphine has gone for a manicure and her aesthetician is…a Leda clone. The clone describes an experience where she was seduced by a guy and then brought to a hotel room where another identical guy waited (sound familiar?). She’s sure she, like, almost ended up in the back of a van, but tells Delphine that you can’t crush the human spirit.

At Helena and Sarah’s favorite cantina, a very banged up Dr. Coady questions the proprietor about the twins. She denies having seen them and walks away, leaving Coady to have drinks with…the man from the bench. Coady laments the loss of the Castor DNA and the man tells her that he has a source “inside Leda.” Coady deduces that Castor and Leda are connected.

Admiring her fresh manicure, Delphine remarks to Dr. Nealon that Krystal Goderitch, the Leda manicurist, remains blissfully ignorant about her origins and Castor. Nealon tells Delphine that three candidates are currently vying to be Krystal’s next monitor (unbeknownst to her), but Delphine wants to talk about their problem at home: Rachel. She thinks Rachel’s a liability and wants to find a long-term solution for her.

Cosima shares her tub bleeding episode with Sarah via Skype but is more concerned about Sarah after her ordeal at the Castor base. Sarah suggests that her functional immunity to the Castor defect might help Cosima but Cosima tells her that she shouldn’t worry about the setback because Delphine’s scientists are on the case. Then Sarah changes the subject to Cosima’s love life, who is reluctant to discuss it but says her current situation is what she needs right now. Sarah says she needs a way forward, a leg up, and tells Cosima that she’s been thinking about finishing what Beth started. She worries about losing another sister, so as Shay arrives home, Cosima tells Sarah to call Scott to get the deets on “something big” they’ve been holding back before hanging up.

Felix is over for a visit with Alison and Donnie and Donnie is not into the idea of taking in Helena along with hiring Gracie. He tries to convince Donnie that Helena, who’s good with kids, could be just fine with a couple of lessons on social skills. Upstairs, Helena tries on socks and gets to know Gemma. Gemma asks about Helena’s canister and Helena says it’s where she keeps her babies. Very much the child, Gemma says she’s silly and throws some undies in Helena’s face and they have a clothes fight. Donnie continues to resist but Alison says the plan is to have Helena assist them in making soaps. He still doesn’t know why Helena can’t just stay with one o her other sisters and Felix is all, “It’s your turn so you’ll do it or I’ll put all your dirty laundry in the streets!”

Shay tries to help Cosima through relaxation and breathing techniques and Cosima asks if Shay knows anything about near-death experiences. Shay says she thinks before we die we see a bit of what we left (aka, “life flashing before your eyes”) and that if we’re lucky, we can find our way back. Then she realizes that Cosima needs to get to work and they tease each other about the experiments and tests being conducted at Dyad.

In another video call, Scott shows Sarah Dr. Moreau and tells her the Duncan wanted them to have it. He also fills her in on how Rachel can decipher it and will only do so if she can speak with Sarah. Sarah agrees that not telling Delphine about this was a good move and decides to go ahead and talk to Rachel.

Delphine surveys Rachel and Scott’s game of Agricola and calls Rachel’s progress “disappointing.” Rachel tells Scott Delphine sees her as a threat and Delphine’s like, “Yeah, and how did you deal with threats when you were in my position?” When Delphine leaves, Scott and Rachel Skype with Sarah and Siobhan. Sarah gets straight to business but Rachel won’t give up info so easily. Scott says Rachel thinks Delphine is going to try to eliminate her, so Rachel wants to parlay her ability to decipher the book in exchange for Sarah and Siobhan getting her out of Dyad. Reading from a paper, Scott says, “She wants a quiet life…in Taiwan,” and Rachel even has an idea on how to do it: Sarah can steal Krystal Goderitch’s identity and help Rachel escape Dyad. Sarah wants some assurances, and Scott reveals that Rachel deciphered one of the pages in the book already. The passage says, “In London town we all fell down, and Castor woke from slumber.”

This was enough for Sarah who, with Felix on the phone in the background and Siobhan looming, decides the only way forward is to help Rachel. Gracie arrives at Siobhan’s and Siobhan tells her to pack her things to leave for Alison’s, but she hovers on the stairs eavesdropping. Sarah is convinced that there’s something pertinent to Ledas in that book and Felix says Scott and Cosima have a way to get Rachel out of Dyad using Scott’s gaming group. Siobhan thinks springing Rachel will destroy their alliance with Delphine, but Sarah knows that if the information in the book is valuable Delphine will be forced to bargain with them, anyway.

Cosima shows Shay around the lab and embarrasses Scott with awkward jokes about lesbians. He and Cosima whisper about their new covert mission being a go while Shay admires his tabletop gaming collection (woop woop!). Scott invites Shay to join his gaming group just as she comes across the encoded Dr. Moreau. Cosima quickly recovers it and smoothly hands it off to Scott to hide in his backpack – but not before Delphine can show up and make things even more weird. She needs to talk to Cosima and Scott offers to show Shay out. Delphine essentially asks if she and Cosima can put aside their beef to work out a problem, because she’s got some bad news.

In the back room of Bubbles, Donnie teaches Helena how to make soap but Helena is more interested in him. She says Alison has good taste in men, having chosen one as strong as a baby ox. He cracks a joke in her accent and she finds it so hilarious that it makes him a little uncomfortable. Letting Helena take over stirring, he leaves the room to re-confront Alison about Jason Kellerman kissing Cosima-as-her. He thinks she might have kissed Jason back if it hadn’t been Cosima and she denies it badly, saying that she’ll clear things up with him. Just then Gracie arrives for her first day on the job at Bubbles.

Helena stashes her babies on a shelf in the office and Gracie greets her. They’re both very stilted and weird with each other as Gracie apologizes for losing the baby (what?). Helena tells Gracie not to worry and assures her that she can be an aunt to Helena’s babies, and then she embraces her.

Sarah and Felix stake out Krystal and discuss the game plan for stealing her identity. Felix tries out the bluetooth as Sarah makes sure he knows to steal Krystal’s wallet and knows how to unearth her passwords. He’s a little miffed at her lack of confidence (he’s a hustler, too, Sarah) then heads into the nail salon where Kyrstal works. With an American accent and distinctly masculine affectations, he approaches Krystal for a mani-pedi and she’s pleased to help him.

Scott arrives home to find Rudy in his apartment holding his cat, Denise. Uh oh. As he passive-aggressively threatens Denise, Rudy asks Scott if he’s got any good books to lend him. Like, a copy of The Island of Dr. Moreau, perhaps?

Krystal tells Felix her crazy Castor story with all the same inflections and intonations from when she told Delphine, and Felix continues to flirt with her. With a round of “What’s Your Porn Name?” Felix discovers that her first pet’s name is Muffin and her mother’s maiden name is Slowikowski. Sarah prods him to find out a school name, but Felix notices Krystal withdraw a little. She tells him that she’s weirded out by the fact that her boyfriends always tend to leave her after two years and how hotel security guards were wielding submachine guns and she feels lost, like she’s missing something. Felix wants to tell her everything but Sarah tells him not to, so he goes to the restroom to save face. Sneaking around the staff room, Felix finds the wallet in Krystal’s purse, but also a cute pink book filled with investigation notes; looks like Krystal’s been looking into the Castors already. Back out front, Felix tells Krystal that he’s got to run and before she can go into an emotional tailspin, he reminds her – in his British accent (aka, his “truth voice”) – that she’s a survivor and she’s one of a kind. Back in the car, Felix feels like crap for stealing from Krystal and Sarah empathizes. With a fresh swipe of lip gloss, Felix and Sarah hightail it out of there.

Delphine shows Cosima evidence of a dead Polish Leda clone and tells her that she’s going to need another stem cell infusion from Kira in a month. Cosima refuses to keep harvesting Kira so they put their heads together to figure out how to identify the rest of the synthetic sequences when Scott calls Delphine, apparently in a panic.

Jason shows up at Bubbles and Alison tries (badly) to discuss the kiss from the campaign mixer. Neither can say much, so Jason steals another kiss. She tells him that his behavior is inappropriate considering 1) she’s married, and 2) they’re in business together. He offers to be discrete and she tells him that he needs to go.

At Scott’s place, Delphine chides him and Cosima for not telling her about the book. She’s highly upset that they didn’t trust what she’d do with it, because now the only copy is in the hands of the Castors. Delphine wants to know how Rudy knew exactly what to look for, and Scott reveals that Rachel can read it. Delphine is flabbergasted that they’d have taken this information to Rachel but didn’t tell her.

Donnie sits in the basement counting pills when Alison comes back home. She says that she and Jason discussed their kiss, which was a mistake, and they’ve moved on. Gracie comes downstairs for linens and Alison quickly takes her back upstairs to find them, lest she discover the secret drug business the Hendrixes are running. When she’s gone, Donnie finds Alison’s phone in her jacket and goes through it.

As she closes up the salon for the evening, Krystal is surprised by Dr. Nealon, who says, yes, she can help him.

Sarah, Siobhan, and Felix are up to speed on the currently developing news about the Castor’s acquisition of Dr. Moreau and there’s a knock on the door. It’s one of Scott’s board game buddies dropping off a package: it’s a copy of the book! With her on the phone, Sarah asks if Cosima is sure she wants to go through with her plan behind Delphine’s back, but Operation Get Rachel Out of Dyad is still on.

Delphine confronts Rachel (and Scott) about the leak to Castor, but Scott’s like, “How? She doesn’t even have the Internet.” Angry, Delphine says she should have let Rachel die before she gets a phone call and leaves. Rachel asks Scott to “play Agricola,” so Rachel gives them an hour before he’s due back in the lab.

Cosima grabs a print out before leaving and the guard outside Rachel’s room’s enthusiasm over Scott’s involvement in this prison break plan borders on reverence. He tells Rachel and Scott that he downed four cameras on the security route and swipes them to a a gassed up handi-van on the 6th level. Scott texts Cosima an update, just as she hands the print out to Delphine in her office: it’s her resignation letter, effective immediately.

Jason breaks into Bubbles looking for Alison but finds Donnie, who texted him to meet. Donnie is gobsmacked that Jason would think Alison would skip out to meet up in the stock room. Jason tells Donnie that it doesn’t matter that he’s married to Alison; if he wants Donnie’s wife he’ll take her because Donnie works for him. (WHAT.) This elicits a genuine gob smack from Donnie and Jason takes the bait and punches Donnie, finally leaving with Donnie laid out on the stock room floor.

Delphine tries in vain to get Cosima to reconsider quitting by playing on her paranoia: how will Cosima ever know if someone – like Shay, perhaps – is spying on her on behalf of Dyad unless she maintains contact with Delphine? Cosima sees right through this manipulation and implores Delphine to let her go if she won’t be with her and switch her allegiance.

Scott brings Rachel safely to Siobhan’s house and Sarah lays out Rachel’s new identity on the kitchen table. Then Sarah gives Rachel their photocopied Moreau and says if she doesn’t decipher it cover to cover, she’ll send Rachel back to Delphine. So Rachel gets to work.

Cosima tells Delphine about how she almost died the day Delphine left to Frankfurt but never told her because Delphine doesn’t believe in those things. This leads to a tender but ill-advised kiss, and Delphine apologizes, reiterating that Cosima should have trusted her with the book. Uh oh.

Felix and Scott read along as Rachel decodes the book and here’s what we’ve got so far: “In London town we all fell down, and Castor woke from slumber. Find the first, the beast, the cursed. The original has a number.” Then Rachel writes the number H46239 and Dr. Nealon bursts in with a couple of armed guards. He takes the book from Rachel but she’s like, “It’s my book!” before collapsing in a seizure. Back at Dyad, Delphine is concerned as Nealon assured her Rachel would be safe if Scott and the rest moved her.  He says he thought she could and gives Delphine the book, then rushes into the elevator to get Rachel to surgery, and he and Rachel share a sneaky side eye.

In Delphine’s office, Cosima and Scott wait anxiously for news about Rachel and show us once again how hindsight is 20/20 as they regret not making two extra copies of the book since Delphine was on to them the whole time. Delphine and Dr. Nealon approach and Nealon says that Rachel suffered an intracranial bleed that caused him to induce a coma, but Rachel may never recover. Cosima tries to explain again why they didn’t include her, but Delphine reminds her that because they didn’t, the Castors now have the book and they might have cost both camps the one person who could actually read it. She essentially fires both of them and tosses Cosima a file on Shay for “while she’s on the outside.”

While reciting the rhyme from the book, Siobhan suggests that maybe their next move should be to visit London. It’s the only solid(ish) lead they have, and Felix is wide-eyed at the prospect of going home.

In Rachel’s recovery room, Dr. Nealon speaks to her over the phone and we discover that the Rachel inside Dyad isn’t Rachel at all – it’s Krystal! He’s pleased that neither Sarah nor Delphine are aware of Rachel’s escape and Rachel prepares for surgery to get a new prosthetic eye. As Rachel is being put under, a British doctor picks up the phone to thank Nealon, and he tells her that Rachel is in her hands now.

The Questions: Who exactly is the man on the bench’s mole inside Leda? Has Alison and Donnie’s connect gone bust now that Jason and Donnie have duked it out? What will Sarah, Siobhan, and Felix discover in London? And who is the new doctor on the block?


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