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COMIC REVIEW: 21st Century Tank Girl #1

Things you need to know: Tank Girl is rude. She’s crude. She cusses. She smokes. She jokes about erections. She makes Star Trek references. She’s the most wanted outlaw in Australia and wears brown underwear. Basically, I want her to my best friend. However, her story is probably not appropriate for children, bores, or prudes. You have been warned, though if Tank Girl were real, she would never apologize for her behavior.

802f0d2d-4dc4-402e-a35f-b82e93a2bc3b21st Century Tank Girl is quite literally Tank Girl today. But let’s travel back in time to when it all started: last century, writer Alan Martin and artist Jamie Hewlett (co-producer of our favorite virtual band, Gorillaz) introduced the world to Tank Girl. Her story originated as a comic in the late 1980s and was even turned into a movie in 1995! Flash forward to June 10, 2015: she’s back with a new series of anarchic adventures brought to us by Titan Comics, Martin, Hewlett, and a slew of other artists and collaborators.

Issue #1 was a smorgasbord of her escapades, including a space exploit with a fun twist about the lengths Tank Girl will go to in order to achieve personal greatness; a bloody war story told primarily through onomatopoeias; a game show for death row inmates, where the winner gets a reduced sentence of life in prison… if she can avoid Zombie Hitler; and character spotlights highlighting adventures with friends.
166ae34b-aed4-4cf3-b4e2-940588e5cd7dThe art, like the stories, is also varied. With each new artist and collaborator comes a unique visual take on Tank Girl. In some stories, the panels are colored more vibrantly in deep, rich hues, like the fun and whimsy of a punk-rocker’s mohawk. Others are splashes of orange and red, making the reader feel she’s under a heat lamp during a dire situation. All of the styles are eye-catching, captivating, and fun. Still, amidst all the changes, Tank Girl continues to be very much herself: strong, tough, and a survivor.

As someone who was unfamiliar with Tank Girl prior, I thought 21st Century Tank Girl was a great introduction to a spunky and exciting character, and I can’t wait to see what kind of mischief she gets into next. Be sure to pick up a copy of 21st Century Tank Girl at your local comic book story, and keep an eye out for issue 2, which will be released by Titan Comics on July 8, 2015.

21st Century Tank Girl #1
Story By​: Alan Martin
Art By: ​Jamie Hewlett, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Philip Bond, Jonathan Edwards, Brett Parson, Jim Mahfood, Craig Knowles
32​pp​ / FC / $3.99 / on sale: June 10

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