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Dog Day Sunday: Geeky Pups!

It’s our second ever Dog Day Sunday!

Last week we asked you guys, our amazing readers, to show off your cuddly canine(s) and send in your favorite photos and stories for a chance to be featured right here on GGW!

Proud dog mom Kara did just that, and this Sunday we have decided to feature her very special pups, Napoleon and Lex!

03 Lex and Napoleon Schickowski

Napoleon (right) is a lively pug and Lex (left, of course!) is a Brussels Griffon. Both pups live together with Kara at her home!

04 Napoleon and Lex Schickowski

Napoleon is 11-years-old and suffers from arthritis and diabetes.

He lost one of his eyes due to an unfortunate accident that occurred when he was just a puppy. But it’s his enormous tongue, rather than his missing eye, that really draws the most attention!

Napoleon is my super special one-eyed, diabetic, arthritic Pug who shows the world that all you need is love (and a soft lap and plenty of treats)!

  02 Lex Schickowski

Kara knew that Napoleon needed a sibling so she adopted Alexander, an extremely cute and friendly Brussels Griffon, when Napoleon was about 4-years-old!

 [He] latched on to his big brother immediately and remains devoted for life. Napoleon would probably rather he stayed an only child, since [his] little brother will not give him a moment’s peace.

Both dogs were named after important men in history, but they aren’t exactly the ones you’d expect.

To the outside world, we present Napoleon and Alexander as being named after strong famous historical figures. But those who know us, know we have a far geekier inspiration for the pups’ names: Napoleon Dynamite and Lex Luthor!

A big thank you to dog mom Kara for sharing her adorable canines!

Want your dog featured next Sunday on GGW? Send your pet photos and stories to!

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