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Minecraft Meets Hololens

A game that has taken the world by storm, and has spawned countless of gaming meet ups and conventions is Minecraft. Kids love it, adults love it, and now everyone, new and old fans alike, will fall in love with it all over again.

During the Microsoft announcement at E3 today, Microsoft said they will be debuting a new version of Minecraft, one that will incorporate Microsoft’s new Hololens’ holographic technology. With Hololens, you will be able to take the game play from TV to table, manipulate the world, and get a new type of gaming all while using your voice and hands.

Check out the video below that highlights some of those moments.

Hololens was announced back in January, and the first demo for it was held in April. The headset will be running Windows 10. Microsoft has yet to release a price point for it, but says that it will be ready in time for the full launch of Windows 10.

Combing the Hololens and Minecraft is going to bring gaming to a whole new level. Being able to fully immerse yourself into the world you’re gaming in is literally something out of an 80’s science fiction movie, and something that Nintendo once tried with the Virtual Boy.

With this step forward in gaming, I am excited to see where we go from here, and what other types of games come out for this device.

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