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Music Monday Review: Drones By Muse

After much internal debate over not wanting to review the same artist twice, I had to write a review on the new Muse album Drones. As much as I am a Muse fan, I’m not the happiest with this album. Before its release, I read several interviews with the band stating that they were getting back to their roots. In my mind, I was thinking were going to get another Absolution or a Black Holes and Revelations, but instead we ended up with Drones.

Although the album has its share of shortcomings, it does hit a few high notes where I can see the glimmer of the old Muse. “Mercy”, “Reaper”, and “The Handler” are all amazing songs that totally remind me of what they used to be with their signature guitar rifts, and Matt Bellamy’s soothing operatic voice that has me hook, line, and sinker.




However, the album stared with the lower notes “Dead Inside” and “Psycho.” While the songs weren’t bad by any means, they just weren’t up to what I know that band is capable of. They sounded over produced, and like a DJ was at the helm not the band themselves. The last few albums, Muse has been using a lot of electronic riffs in a few songs, and yes I like house music from time to time (no one’s perfect), but its just not right for this band.  It’s like house music is just thrown in. Cashing in on the raver market is all well and good if thats who you are.  I just don’t see it for this band.

Another odd thing about the album was the JFK excerpt and drill sergeant.  I know the album is called Drone, but drones aren’t necessarily a bad thing. I could even go buy one.  They’re not all about violence and dropping bombs, plus HELLO! You’re a British band not American, so it just felt out of place for me.

All and all the album was good. I liked more of it than I disliked. I still hold out hope that this band will get back to its roots, and that Kate Hudson hasn’t ruined another band.  Yes, I said that.  The Black Crows – great band, Kate Hudson enters, and BOOM! Not so much any more. Followed by her and Matt Bellamy, and POOF! Not so much again.  Maybe this theory is all in my head.  Let’s hope it is, so that this band can get back to what I know, and all of there devoted fans know: that they’re a great band who has the power to captivate a soul, and make a heart melt.

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