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Fashion by Geeks: Whimsical Vintage

Fashion by Geeks celebrates the unique style of girls in our geeky community. Our community is filled with such beautiful girls who all express themselves so wonderfully through fashion and they’re bursting with creativity. All around me I see my friends and fellow geeks at events who rock at the personal style game. I just want to run up to them and ask them a million questions about where they find such amazing pieces, and how they grew up to look so awesome. This series is basically my excuse to do this, and not come off as huge creeper. Also, who better to help you find the best looks around than nerds like you! Maybe you’re trying to find your own personal style, but you don’t know where to begin, or maybe you just want fun new pieces to add to your wardrobe, and want to know the best places to shop? Let your friends at GeekGirl World help you out.

The honor of christening Fashion by Geeks goes to one of my most stylish friends Elise Aparicio! Her style is as cute as she is, and inspires everyone around her to step up their fashion game. I met Elise at local bakery GimmeSomeSugar before our monthly book club meeting. I felt the atmosphere fit right in with her vintage and whimsical style, and instantly staged an impromptu photo shoot.

GeekGirl World: What are you wearing today?

Elise Aparicio: I’m wearing a Retrolicious brand dress, purchased through ModCloth; a Heart of Haute “Sweet Sweater” in red; and a black circle skirt purchased through TallGiraffe, on Etsy. My shoes are BAIT footwear Ida heels and in my hair I have a flower courtesy of my trip to Hawaii earlier this year.


GGW: Why is this outfit a good representation of your personal style?

EA: I love how bright and colorful this outfit is. The colors of the dress make it easy to pair with multiple cardigans and footwear. I like patterns that are kitschy and fun like the tickets on my Retrolicious dress; I feel this outfit best represents my fun and quirky style.


GGW: Is this your favorite outfit? If not, describe the one that is. Why is it your favorite?

EA: Since purchasing this dress, my style has evolved a bit into more a retro-vintage look, but I would still say this outfit is my favorite. The dress cut is flattering and modern, there are pockets which aren’t too deep, but perfect for days when you’re leaving the house with only the essentials, the pattern is bright and goes with everything. The sweater that I decided to pair with it is one of my newest essentials. The fabric doesn’t wrinkle so it can literally be stashed in your purse or gym bag and it still looks great on. The red adds a pop of color to many items in my wardrobe so I find it goes with practically everything. I’m planning on purchasing other colors in the future. The black circle skirt that I decided to pair with it was a custom purchase from Etsy. To make the outfit “work appropriate” I decided to wear the black skirt on top of the dress. The black skirt is a longer length for work, and the dress adds a little volume to the skirt. Layering skirts on top of dresses is my favorite tip for changing the look of a dress or making it more work appropriate.

GGW: What’s your fashion history? Describe your style throughout your life. What trends did you fall into?

EA: There are many factors that have contributed to my fashion history. The stores that I shop in have changed, which in turn changed my fashion choices. When I was in high school and college, Old Navy and Target were my go-to stores. I was also on a limited budget, so the thought of spending more than $30 on a dress was out of my price range. I don’t think I ever followed any trends. I mainly (and still to an extent) wear clothes that feel comfortable and casual, so it was usually a Target shirt with jeans and flip flops. I started wearing flats when I moved out to Vegas, mainly because I felt it was too cold to wear flip flops in the winter. I’m from Southern California born and raised!

GGW: Was fashion always important to you/did you always like fashion? If not, when did you start liking it and why?

EA: I have always admired retro-inspired or vintage fashions since I was in high school, but I never thought I would look good in them. I spent many years not wearing dresses because I thought I looked pregnant in them, or not wearing shorts because I didn’t want people to see my legs. The older I get the more I realize what styles look the most flattering on my body, what feels the most comfortable to wear, and to take more chances with my style.


GGW: What/who has inspired your style throughout your life?

EA: My sister has always had great modern style and her clothing choices are always top notch. She helped me transition from sports bras to figuring out that DD’s need to have their own cups. She has a good eye for fashion and isn’t afraid to tell you when something doesn’t look good on you.

GGW: What/who inspires your style now?

EA: Instagram! I follow so many amazing body-positive pinups on Instagram that continue to influence my fashion choices. My favorite instagrammers are: @modernjunecleaver @ameliajetson @feministunicorn @missvictoryviolet @teerwayde @shelovesdresses and @pinupcortney. (check them out)


GGW: How does your fashion style make you feel?

EA: It makes me feel confident and sexy. Who knew long circle skirts would make me feel like a million bucks?!

GGW: How would you describe your fashion style?

EA: Retro, kitschy, girly, and nerdy. When I find outfits that incorporate all 4, it’s magic!


GGW: Do you think fashion has powers?

EA: Yes! Fashion can inspire so much positive energy. When you feel good about yourself and your appearance, is there anything you can’t accomplish?!

GGW: What superpower would your fashion style give you?

EA: If I really wanted to be creative, every outfit would have its own unique superpower. The movie tickets on the dress would come alive and admit me into every theater in America.

GGW: Where do you like to shop?

EA: – Probably my first stepping stone into my current style.

Heart of Haute – So many beautiful designs and 50s & 60s inspired outfits. US made and sold.

1138 Clothing on Etsy

Eshakti – You can give them your measurements and they custom make the skirt/dress for you!

Teefury – all those t-shirt a day sites. Nerdy, mash-up designs on a shirt? Yes please.

H&M – I find a lot of cute, inexpensive tops and dresses here. Also scarves. Scarves that are cute as hell.

Hot Topic – They sell pin up style dresses and tops now. I was very excited when I found out they carried some Hell Bunny brand dresses. Hot Topic has evolved from my high school days.

Luxulite brooches on Etsy. – Luxulite is a woman from England that sells 40s and 50s inspired brooches. I have brooches with snowmen, pumpkins, fruit, cherries, etc. I’m not a big jewelry wearer, but brooches are a fun way to enhance your outfit and add color.

Bait footwear – Bought my first pair via ModCloth. They’re made well and feel very comfortable. It’s also a step up from flip flops. I buy their low heels since I don’t want to die from foot pain at the end of the day.


GGW: Do you have any advice to give to our readers who are struggling with their style or think fashion is something they can’t accomplish/feel alienated by?

EA: If you’re not sure where to start, pick a few pieces that you can get the most use out of. A simple black circle skirt can be paired with everything from nerdy tees to a fancy work blouse. Staple colors, like red or royal blue are the perfect cardigan colors that will go with everything. If you are always choosing black (which is not wrong – I’m a fan of that color and it’s very flattering.) and want to go outside the box, go for pieces that will liven it up, like a red belt, red shoes, a stylish brooch. Also, take your measurements. Figure out your exact size so you know exactly the body you are shopping for. I do a lot of online shopping and knowing my measurements is key. Always shop at online stores with a good return policy and check the return policy if you’re unsure. ModCloth has an amazing return policy with free return shipping! So it’s a good place to start. Lastly, have fun! Choose items that you feel best represents YOU.

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