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Prattkeeping: The Internet’s Newest Meme

So Chris Pratt tamed a few raptors in Jurassic World… big whoop!

Zookeepers have been taming their equally ferocious animals for centuries, and now they’re hilariously showing off their skills in the Internet’s newest meme, #prattkeeping!

Check out some of our favorite ones below:

Sea lions, like raptors, rely on their group for hunting.

Rhinos: the modern day triceratops.

Fun fact: Scientists believe that the world’s oldest found penguin fossil suggests that the flightless birds may have outlived the dinosaurs!

Something seems a little backwards here…

Lemurs, when untrained, can wreak absolute havoc on society. Just watch Zoboomafoo for proof.

  You wouldn’t want to meet these otters in a dark alley, that’s for sure.

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How do I sign up to Prattkeep some dolphins!?

…But it’s Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon who may just have the toughest (and cutest) job of all.

See more Prattkeeping simply by searching #prattkeeping on Instagram and Twitter!

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