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GGW Goes to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

Oh, Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con! I just spent the day at the Southpoint geeking out with fellow fans, admiring beautiful work in Artist Alley, resisting the temptation of buying EVERYTHING in the exhibitor’s hall, and learning so much from the guests at the panels. Dare I say it was… amazing?!

I started off my morning talking with the very talented and creative artists and exhibitors. I was particularly excited to see that there were so many women and local Las Vegas businesses present. More than that, I found the sense of community and camaraderie to be warm and welcoming. Every single person I talked to was excited to tell me about their work, and not in a sleazy used car salesmen, “buy my stuff” kind of way. They were genuinely passionate and excited to be there! I wish I had a museum and a million dollars, so I could buy every single thing from every single booth. Alas, I’ll have to settle with sharing a slideshow. Please check out the photos, and if you see something you love, reach out to the artist or business!

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After strolling through the con floor, I decided to check out some panels. Much like how I wanted to buy EVERYTHING, I also wanted to see EVERYTHING and go to ALL the panels. Lacking a clone, I mostly stuck to the main stage, which provided ample seating and there was not a bad view in the whole room, no matter where I sat.

In the “Sailor Moon Spotlight,” actors Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon), Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars), Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter), and Toby Proctor (Tuxedo Mask) talked about the logistics of filming as a voice actor, rattled off their characters’ glorious battle cries, and discussed how the show was edited for North American audiences. Confession: I have never seen an entire Sailor Moon episode. That changes now!

Sailor Moon Spotlight by Allison Cosson

In the “Architects of Pop Culture” panel, Steve Mcniven, Charles Soule, and Mark Bagley discussed how killing Wolverine in Death of Wolverine was “a blast;” how Mcniven is not violent by nature, but loves blood, guts, and viscera; and how humor is much harder and more “mysterious” than drama in comics!

McNiven, Soule, and Bagley

Rob Liefeld Smashes Pop Culture! Self-proclaimed comic enthusiast, hip hop fan, and feather-ruffler with ADHD ran across the room personally answering fan questions and doing impressions. He said he “jumped & cried & jumped & cried” when the Deadpool film was announced, and teased we’ll have to wait until next year to see if he makes a cameo in the movie!

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Creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kevin Eastman presented a slideshow of rare, personal photos documenting how the heroes in a halfshell progressed from a simple comic to movies and television shows! Fun fact: TMNT came to be after Eastman pondered what animal Bruce Lee would least likely be (a turtle)!

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In “Behind the Masks with Greg Capullo and John Romita, Jr.,” these legendary comic book artists (who reportedly have more than 70 years of experience combined) offered a frank, honest, and real look of what life is like in the comic book industry! In their Q&A, they revealed that they can be their own biggest critics, analyzing every line for symmetry and perfection!

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Actor, singer, dancer, activist, and Member of the British Empire, John Barrowman started his panel by saying, “Get ready ’cause it’s me!” The next hour was full of saucy innuendos & duets with fans! He also admitted he’s talking with DC about a comic, and there will be much more of Malcolm Merlyn on Season 4 of Arrow! Barrowman was definitely the highlight of the day for me. I literally could have listened to him talk all day. Even though his panel ended 15 minutes after it was scheduled to stop, it still felt much too short!

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After an action-packed afternoon of panels, jokes, impressions, and songs, I decided to call it a day! While I didn’t get to see everything (Still waiting on my clone… where is she?), I was very pleased with all of the panels I had the privilege of watching. Tomorrow is the final day of the con, and it is guaranteed to be another day full of geeky good times that will be fun for the whole family.

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