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GeekGirl World celebrates Geek Dads

Happy Father’s Day to the dads, fathers, grandpas, uncles, brothers, partners, and other gentlemen who offer us their love and support each and every day of the year.

This exchange happened while celebrating Father’s Day at my parents’ house this year. Me: “Dad, do you consider yourself a geek?” My dad: “No, I’m pretty darn cool.” My mom: “You can be a geek and be cool. Being a geek is cool!” Though my dad was joking (mostly; he really is cool), my mom definitely had a point.

Today we’re going to celebrate some of the geeky and cool men in the lives of GeekGirl World contributors.

Nicole’s Dad

Nicole and her Dad

I would never call my dad a nerd or a geek. He is a blue-collared, tough-as-nails, conservative Texan who could probably kill a man with a glare. He doesn’t know the difference between Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Captain Mal Reynolds, or Captain Jack Harkness. His favorite past time involves smoking brisket in the backyard while watching the Dallas Cowboys football game while his vegetarian daughter read a book on the couch.

Though different, my dad has always been very supportive of the fact I was always a little… quirky. As a kid, he and my mom would drive me all over town looking for books in the obscure series I was reading. Once, as a teenager, he came to pick me up from school when I was reprimanded for breaking dresscode for having a lip ring. “Shouldn’t she be allowed to express herself?” he demanded. Later, he told me my lip ring was stupid and I better not do anything else dumb like guage my ears.
Yes, although my dad is not a nerd or a geek, he’s definitely a dork (just don’t tell anyone, it will ruin his street cred). He will sing songs about my dogs, tell me puns that make me laugh so hard I forget what they were about, and share wild stories about how he met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the sewer. He gets me “drinky-drinks and snacky-snacks” when he goes to the store, answers to the nickname “Paparazzi,” and would literally do anything for any single one of his children. Love you, Pops!

Ari’s husband Damon

Damon and his daughter

My husband, Damon, is an amazing person and a wonderful dad. From the time we brought our little girl home from the hospital, he has been completely devoted to her. Not only is he supportive of me in my nerdy pursuits, but he is also supportive of our daughter in her’s.

He will go to the comic books stores and get comics for us, if he sees something on TV that is of a nerdy or geeky interest, he will make sure he has it set to record for us before we even realize it is coming on TV. He buys us our favorite geeky nerdy t-shirts and gear, just because he knows it will put smiles on our faces. He joins us in watching anime occasionally, and will read comics from time to time, but he is always there for the big blockbuster superhero movies, and loves them as much as we do.

All in all he is the best dad my daughter could have ever asked for and the best husband this geeky nerdy girl could have ever wished for.

Megan’s Dad

My dad really is the farthest thing away from a geek! He has always preferred life away from the internet and television, choosing instead to tinker around in the garage, work on his vintage Harley motorcycle, and create tiny masterpieces with his CNC machine.

Even so, my dad definitely gave, and continues to give, full support for my geeky hobbies. I remember being a young girl, maybe about 8 or 9, sitting in my room reading Harry Potter. When a word I didn’t recognize popped up, I would call for him and he would help me figure out what it meant.

When I got older I had a new appreciation for this, as my dad is a bit dyslexic and reading can be difficult for him. But I think he genuinely enjoyed helping me read Harry Potter, and when the movies began to come out he happily took me to each and every one. And to be honest, sometimes I think he was more excited than I was!

My siblings and I try to get him into some of our geekier interests, such as The Lord of the Rings and Batman, and he’s been surprisingly open to them. We took him to see The Dark Knight and it pretty much blew his mind (as well it should!).

I guess there’s hope yet for turning my biker dad into a geek!

Meme’s boyfriend Edwin

Edwin and his daughter

My boyfriend, Edwin, has honestly been the light of my life for the last three years and was the father of a daughter, Zahira, when we met. It was his encyclopedic knowledge of comic book canon that initially drew me to him, but his dedication to his daughter is what really showed me his heart.

Edwin is a fierce advocate of letting his daughter grow into her own unique self and always supports her ideas and interests – especially if they mean she begins to love the X-Men as much as her daddy.

Although his daughter is from a previous relationship, Edwin never lets anything prevent him from being a positive influence in Zahira’s life. He is forever the proud dad of a super smart and geeky daughter and I’m so glad to call him my honey.

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