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Batman: Arkham Knight Launch Trailer

The Batman: Arkham Knight launch trailer is here! Check it out:

The game will be available for sale everywhere tomorrow, but retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy will be opening up their doors at midnight tonight as part of a special release for the game.

If you do decide to wait in line at one of those stores at midnight, though, just know that most of their inventory will be reserved for pre-orders! They should still have some quantities available that are not reserved, but if you haven’t pre-ordered the game you’re going to want to make sure that you’re one of the first people in line.

But honestly, if you’re going to go that route you may as well just pre-order it, as pre-orders as still open (at least they are at the moment I’m writing this).

Pre-ordering also does come with some perks! Best Buy, for instance, will give you a game bonus that will allow you to play as Harley Quinn AND a $10 rewards certificate (if you’re a My Best Buy member) as a thanks for pre-ordering the game.

But no matter how you choose to get your hands on the game, one thing is definitely certain: this game is going to be absolutely amazing!

Are you going to pick up Arkham Knight? Let us know in the comments below!

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