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James Frain to Join ‘Gotham’ Cast for Season 2

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James Frain, the actor you love to spot in your favorite series like a game of “I Spy,” has just joined the upcoming season of Gotham!

Deadline reports that Frain will be among the new villains to make their mark in Gotham as Theo Galavan, whose sister, Tabitha, becomes Tigress down the line, one of my favorite DC villainesses. Theo is a billionaire industrialist do-gooder who is another in a slowly moving line of folks who want to save Gotham. Good deeds aside, Galavan and his sister harbor a deep vendetta and soon he and Tigress set out to turn the whole place upside down. No word yet who will portray Tigress.

Frain’s role is one of two new regular roles recently cast (Nicholas D’Agosto, who previously was recurring as Harvey Dent, was also bumped up to series regular). I can see it; Frain does excel in roles requiring a fair amount of smarm and he’s always memorable.

What do you think about this casting news? Are you looking forward to the new season of Gotham?

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