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Dog Day Sunday: Rescues and Drunks!

It doesn’t matter whether you have rain, shine, or apocalyptic asteroids being pelted down on you, it’s Sunday, and Sunday is always the perfect day to snuggle up with your fur baby.

But if you don’t have a fur baby to snuggle up to, fear not! The internet was invented solely so we could look up pictures of cute animals. Well, that and dirty, dirty things.

….But lets just focus on the former for today!

Here are seven awesome pets that are sure to brighten even the most miserable of days:

Murphy & Roxy

Murphy on the right is my “brusselranian” I got him in 2009 from Georgia Rescue and Rehab. The breeders of pomeranian and brussell griffin accidentally let the two breeds mix and when the pups (1 boy and 1 girl) were born they threw them away. Murphy and his sister were both adopted yay. He is very protective of me.

Roxie is on the left…basically found while I was checking on another dog I thought was injured. The owner of dog I was checking on came out of a shack wearing a t-shirt only…had maybe 3 teeth in her mouth and Roxie followed her out. Her dog was not injured and she said if you want this puppy you can have it…there was no way I was leaving that baby there and thats how we got her. She doesn’t know she’s a dog. She wants to be cuddled at all times.

As you can see in picture they get bored easily.

– Shannon, Alabama


This is Riley. He likes to pee on couches even if he’s just peed outside. He is a master at catching balls in his mouth and loves to play frisbee. He’s a total cuddle bug and super protective of his humans.

– Alana, Connecticut


This is Skippy! We’ve had him for 11 years now and he’s the best little guy to come home too, especially when I’m home sick. His past times are attacking sprinklers, going on long walks and goes swimming at the lake! He loves to play with “little men” and chase the ball when you play catch in the yard. He loves to cuddle and is wicked friendly to people and other dogs.

– Penelope, Florida


Pepper, she’s very shy, but when she’s feeling frisky, she wont stop asking to play in the backyard or go for a walk. She’s a rescue, and although she’s a bit weird, we’re glad to give her a loving, safe home.

– Dan, New York

Smokey Joe

This is Smokey Joe got him when he was 4 months old. I broth him home in 2012. He loves meeting anyone and he likes a like beer every now and then. But he loves the ladies.

– Sandy, Alabama


This modest little lady is Genevieve. She’s our rescue baby. She had a very hard start in life. She had horrible things done to her when she was young. If you’re wondering where her tail is well that’s one of the things done to her, it was not taken off by a Dr. So now she’s rightfully the laziest, spoiled rotten fur baby there is and she’s loved by everyone.

– Landy, Alabama

Walter T. Pigg

This is Walter Thaddeaus Pigg of the Alpine. He is fancy as hell.
He like things like chewing stairs and walls. He is baffled why kitty cats don’t like him. He bows like Buckbeak when he’s saying sorry. He steals whiskey from mommy. He is perplexed by broccoli. He’s the best Bernese ever!

– Jacilyn, New York

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