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Music Monday Review: …For The World To See by Death

This week I bring you Death and their album …For the World to See. No matter how much I think I know about music or bands, this band proved me wrong again. The trio known as Death, an all black punk/ hard-rock group from 1970’s Detroit, once again flipped things around for this girl and made her ears stand on end.

R-1739129-1240621870_jpegIn 1974 the band released …For the World to See, a seven-track album that for me was out of this world. Opening with “Keep on Knocking” set the stage to a great album opening. It picked up speed on the second track with “Rock-N-Roll Victim,” and pumped me up to see what else this band had to offer. By the third track, I was literally in shock that this band was not more well known. “Let the Work Turn” starts off so soft you think this band is slowing it down, but nope, and more nope. The stand out track for me had to be the final track, “Politian in my Eyes.”  It’s perfect beat and the powerful words they chose gave me chills. This album is a must have for any music listener/ lover as it shows that even in 1970’s Detroit, the birthplace of Motown, something like this album came out.

I know that Punk / Hard-Rock isn’t for everyone as we all have our own style or concept as to what we think is great.  I do highly recommend that you give this album a chance.  You might be surprised about what you like, and you might become a fan just like I did when it was recommended to me.  What do you have to lose? Be sure to check out the documentary about the band and what happened to them as it is a great companion to the album itself.





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