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Watching Back to The Future, For The First Time

Every time I tell anyone that I’ve never seen Back to the Future it’s greeted with a surprised “What!” I’m a lover of sci-fi and to be honest it’s not as though I’ve never had the chance to watch the trilogy; TBS used to run the movies constantly, Blockbuster (remember them?) had multiple copies on their shelves until they closed, and my closest friends all owned copies. To be honest, I knew very little about what the film was actually about, aside from time travel. Now as we witness the 30th Anniversary of the original installment, I’ve finally decided to watch the entire series and capture my thoughts.

Back to the Future Part 1:

1. This is a Spielberg film!

2. His last name is McFly? What is he, an 80s rapper?



3. They’re treating this plutonium theft very lightly! For some reason I always thought the flux capacitor was powered by gold.



4. Wait! Those are supposed to be Libyans?

Back to the Future Libyans:
Back to the Future Libyans
Actual Libyans
Actual Libyans


5. This entire thing with Marty’s mom’s attraction to him is weirding me out.

6. I totally admire McFly for changing his family’s future without worrying about the space-time consequences.

Part II

7. Jennifer seems really cool with this whole time travel thing. Not freaked out in the least. Did they recast the actress?
8. THIS is what they thought 2015 was going to look like? Where is my hover board?
9. At least they were right about video games.
10. Michael Jackson and “Queen Diana” are still alive. Yikes!
michael usatoday


11. Kudos to Spielberg for poking fun at one of his own properties while still managing to plug it.
12. Marty’s daughter is transgendered and it’s totally a non-issue in the future! That’s pretty bad ass! (Found out later it was Michael J. Fox in costume).
13. So when Biff changed his future and created an alternate timeline it was totally not cool but when McFly did it he was a hero.

14. Wouldn’t it have been easier to take Jennifer back to the past with them to steal back the Sports Almanac since she didn’t have a double already in that timeline?
15. The 3D glasses look seems to be a pre-curser to current douchey style.

kanye glasses
16. “To Be Continued in 1990?” I wasn’t even in Kindergarten when this series wrapped! This is like time travel in real life!

Part III

17. I directly blame these movies for the failure of the DeLorean. How many times is this car going to break down?

18. This is the Western I’ve been waiting for!

My sentiments exactly
My sentiments exactly

19. Nerd love!
docandwife20. How did Doc get the train to fly!?
21. That was a fun adventure! Where is part 4!


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