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SDCC Survival Guide!

Can you believe that San Diego Comic-Con is just two days away!? Start preparing your mind for the sheer epicness right now by arming yourself with the Comic-Con Survival Guide, lest your head explodes immediately upon entering the convention.

The guide, which you can download here, is the 8th annual edition produced by Click Communications.

As one could gather from the name, the Survival Guide will provide convention-goers with essential tips on how to get the most out of their experience at SDCC. In addition to tips, it also provides facts about many of the celebrities and fandoms that will be on display during the convention.

And for those of you hoping to pick up some souvenirs while at the convention, Click has complied a list of some of the more geeky toys and items that you should check out, and they have even complied a check list for you (just in case you’re planning on buying all of them, no judgement!).

If anything the guide will act as excellent reading material when you’re inevitably stuck in line waiting for a panel to begin.

Download the guide and keep it on your mobile device while you’re at the convention! You also could print it out (if having a paper guide is more your cup of tea).

Are you prepared for SDCC? Share your excitement in the comments below!

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