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‘Arkham Knight’ DLC “Batgirl: A Matter of Family” Trailer Premieres Today

Yesterday we brought you the first look at Arkham Knight DLC, “Batgirl: A Matter of Family” where DC treated us to a powerful and exciting sneak peek at the cinematic cut scenes featuring Barbara Gordon in full, gorgeous costume, kicking crime’s butt and facing the Joker alongside Tim Drake’s Robin.

Today we got a whole trailer, all 90 seconds of it. We start out with Batgirl and Robin arriving at the Joker’s “main event” at the big top circus in the heart of Seagate Amusement Park. Harley Quinn, in her traditional red and black outfit, slinks by as we take a look around. Not only are there GCPD and SWAT officers dead or held hostage throughout the park, but Jim Gordon’s been captured and caged, suspended in true Joker style up high (and probably over a tank of something hungry!).

Though Robin tells her they ought to call Batman, Batgirl is adamant that the Joker will kill her father if they dare involve him. And seeing as how the Joker, sitting astride a huge canon, announces “the magnificent deaths of the caped do-gooders,” it looks like Barbara is going to have to play along with the psychopath’s demands.

Both Batgirl and Robin swoop in from above with all the knock-out force of the dive attacks we’ve come to love from the Arkham series of games, taking out the masked Joker thugs. Batgirl deftly disarms a brute with her batclaw, then makes quick work of the thug who dared aim a shotgun at her. With a Diana Rigg-esque high kick, Batgirl stands tall and triumphant.

The pack of Joker thugs the next scene unleashes is standard fare for Batman game fans; the RPG the Joker wields moments after is a little bit more intimidating. We get a great shot of Robin wiping off a thug’s grin as he uses his bow staff to assist Batgirl in an aerial attack. The Joker begins to muse about how things used to be so simple before these “knuckleheads” came in and “spoiled his game.”

What follows is frenetic montage of both cinematic cutscenes and gameplay which includes the always useful detective vision. We get to see Batgirl using her invisible predator skills as she stalks some thugs, but unfortunately there are no scenes utilizing her much-anticipated hacking talents. Though considering how dynamic and exciting this trailer is supposed to be, I suppose there wasn’t room for the more cerebral of her skill set.

As Batgirl promises that she’s “gonna put them all away,” Joker replies, “Not. Funny,” and fires his RPG at the base of one of the gondola lift pylons. Batgirl shouts out a warning to Robin, and, as the pylon explodes into a fireball, we watch Batgirl take flight on the edge of the shock wave.

The trailer ends with Harley’s signature giggle as the Joker points his handgun towards the viewer and eerily remarks, “It’s been a blast…” I don’t think it was a mere coincidence that they included this as the final scene to the trailer. Have a look for yourself:

Despite the initial grumblings earlier this year over the value and viability of the Arkham Knight Season Pass deal (Season Pass and Premium Edition, priced at $39.99 and $99.99, respectively), today’s release proves that WB and Rocksteady sure didn’t skimp on style. Here’s hoping they didn’t skimp on story, either, and that we get as much bang for our buck as we’ve hoped.

“Batgirl: A Matter of Family” releases to Season Pass holders Tuesday, July 14, in North America, and July 21 to non-Season Pass holders for $6.99.

What are your initial impressions about the trailer? Have you signed up for Season Pass for Arkham Knight yet? Do you think you’re getting your money’s worth with this newest DLC?

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