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FOX’s 201 Days of X-Files

On July 7, Fox began running 201 days of The X-Files. Beginning with episode one and finishing with the series finale on January 23, newcomers and fans of old can experience the sci-fi classic with one episode each day, all leading up to the new six-episode revival (which starts on January 24). We’ve got a trailer for the event below which also includes a small piece of footage and voice over for the new show. That closing bit reminds me a lot of the opening scene for the original series, with Mulder and Skully familiarly busting into a room and looking around.

The now-unnamed show will feature the return of David Duchovny as Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Scully (obviously), as well as additional familiar faces Walter Skinner, The Cigarette Smoking Man, Monica Reyes, and Alex Krycek. The most notable newcomer to the series will be Community‘s Joel McHale as Tad O’Malley, a very conservative talk show host.

On June 25, Entertainment Weekly also released the first round of set photos (and few behind the scenes ones as well) that show some of the new characters, our favorite redheaded doctor, and a very haggard looking Mulder.

The next 200 days are going to be long ones as I sit here and eagerly await new information, pictures and trailers. Are you ready to believe?


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