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Get a Virtual Reality Headset for Free at Comic-Con from Syfy… Sort Of.

Syfy will be giving away free virtual reality headsets during Comic-Con this week!

And before I get your hopes up too high, I should note that they will be of the Cardboard kind!

The network is bringing 13,000 DIY Cardboard virtual reality headsets to Comic-Con in San Diego this week to promote The Expanse –  a space drama that will premiere on Syfy in December, Variety reports.

This will mark the first time that a TV network has used Google’s Cardboard VR headset to promote an upcoming TV series. 

The Cardboard VR Headset was created by Google as a cheap and affordable way to get the virtual reality experience at home. It is made out of (you guessed it) cardboard and includes a viewer and a slot to place your smartphone in. When used with certified apps, your phone will act as a virtual reality machine.

It’s kind of like those old school red view finders mostly all of us had as a kid, but surprisingly not as complicated.

Attendees of the convention can pick up their Cardboard headset at the Expanse Café in the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego. Once assembled, you can then download Syfy’s “Expanse” app (which is available on iOS and Android). The app will allow you to explore one of the spaceships featured in the show.

The app also will be compatible with other Cardboard VR headsets (which really isn’t surprising considering it’s just, um, cardboard).

Will you be picking up a Cardboard VR headset at SDCC? let us know in the comments below!


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