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Comic Review: 21st Century Tank Girl #2

21st_TG_2_preview1Last month we celebrated the return of rough and tough Tank Girl in the first issue of her new series, 21st Century Tank Girl. This month she’s back in a new set of wild and crazy adventures, including a Mad Max-esque classic car delivery scheme gone bad (with more than one Roger Moore reference), a silly and overly literal military “how to” guide, a “journey to the centre of the tank” filled with 1970s starlets and explosive surprises, and a piece that is summed up perfectly by its title: “You’re young now, but you won’t be for long.”

21st_TG_2_preview3What I love about Tank Girl is that while Alan Martin consistently guides the stories, each vignette is illustrated by various different artists (including Jamie Hewlett, Warwick Johnson-Caldwell, Phillip Bond, Jonathan Edwards, and Brett Parson). This constant shift in art style keeps the stories fresh, fun and interesting –  just like Tank Girl.

While I enjoyed all of the art in the issue, I especially loved Edwards’ work in “Journey to the Centre of the Tank,” which was filled with thick, angular lines and interesting point-of-view shots that perfectly complimented the strange twists in the story.

I feel like every time I’ve read and reviewed a 21st Century Tank Girl issue, I have to make some sort of disclaimer: Tank Girl is not for everyone. It’s just not. However, it doesn’t try to be.

The cover (which is brazenly illustrated by Parson) features a pin-up style shower scene of three punk rocker chicks in a shower. It doesn’t hold back, it doesn’t sugar coat anything, it doesn’t pretend. It’s not fake.

But even though it’s not for everyone, maybe it should be. I believe that everyone can learn a thing or two from Martin and Tank Girl about how to be honest and authentic.

Want to see what Tank Girl is up to next? Stay tuned for issue #3, on sale August 2015 through Titan Comics!

21st Century Tank Girl #2
STORY BY: Alan Martin
ART BY: Jamie Hewlett, Warwick Johnson-Caldwell, Phillip Bond, Jonathan Edwards, Brett Parson
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics

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