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Review – Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #14

WRITER: Al Ewing, Rob Williams
ARTIST: Simon Fraser
PUBLISHER:  Titan Comics
RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I can’t lie… the Eleventh Doctor has been my least favorite Doctor to date.

People tell me it’s because I miss David Tennant, but I know it’s because Eleven irritates me. He’s like a small child who bounces around the grocery store picking everything up, putting nothing back, and the whole time you’re screaming in your head “where are your parents!?” So this issue was particularly nerve-wracking for me because the Doctor finally has to deal with the harsh consequences of his behavior, but all he does is squirm away and whine about how unfair it is that he’s being held accountable.

By the end of the previous issue, the Doctor had defeated the Entity, but lost Jones, his eccentric musical companion. Jones, believing himself dead, floats through space signing amongst the stardust.

Screenshot 2015-07-09 at 8.54.04 AMMeanwhile, in Ancient Rome, the Doctor sits with Alice, rejected by the TARDIS. The Doctor realizes the TARDIS has been warning him for a while, and he pleads with the phone box not to spurn him. As he admits his arrogance and mistakes that he’s made over the years, the TARDIS remains significantly silent. The Doctor changes tactics and insists he could save lives again if the TARDIS would only let him. When he’s met with the same deafening silence, he snaps and demands to be let in immediately!

If the TARDIS wasScreenshot 2015-07-09 at 8.58.40 AM capable of giving the finger to the Doctor, then that’s totally what happens next.  The box lets out some signature VWOORRRPs and begins to fade as the Doctor begs it not to leave him.

With the departure of the TARDIS, the Doctor begins to have an identity crisis. He warns Alice that, in the wrong hands, the TARDIS is a weapon that can rewrite time and destroy space. It’s programed to return to Gallifrey, or to the nearest Time Lord. But since neither of those things exist any longer, the Doctor has no idea where the TARDIS has gone.

The odds are not in the Doctor’s favor, but with the combined efforts of Alice, Jones, and A.R.C., all may not be lost. But the story is not the Homeward Bound homage it sets itself up to be. Improbable odds and an impossible ending await you in this latest adventure of the Doctor!

A ridiculous-but-probably-accurate two-page humor strip by Mark Ellerby features the Doctor, River, and the pros and cons of social media!

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #14 “The Comfort of the Good – Part 1” is in stores now.  It retails for $3.99.

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