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Movie Review: Tangerine

Using the streets of LA as it’s backdrop, Tangerine is a nonstop ride that you will be sad to leave when it’s over.

Tangerine tells the story of Sin-Dee Rella, a transgender prostitute who is fresh out of jail on Christmas Eve, and her best friend Alexandra (also a transgender prostitute) who hits her with some disturbing news; her fiance, a pimp named Chester, has been cheating on her with “real fish” (slang for biological women). Sin-Dee then goes on a city wide rampage to find the “fishy” girl her would-be husband has been screwing around with behind her back. Let’s just say, it isn’t rainbows and unicorns when the two meet.

The entire film was shot on iPhone 5S, giving it this intensely personal and voyeuristic look into both Sin-Dee and Alexandra’s lives as they go about the day separately with two very different goals in mind. Director Sean Baker (Prince of Broadway, Starlet), gives us intimate portrait of friendship, how people can be tested in life, and the relationships that really matter to each of us at the end of the day.

As poignant as this movie was, it was also rip-roaring hilarious. There were very few slow moments in the story, and over all this movie was just fun and enjoyable to watch. The one tiny thing that bothered me was that the ending seemed a little too sudden and choppy. I think the story could have been wrapped up a little neater. Then again, there was nothing “neat” about the lives of Sin-Dee and Alexandra in this film. It was very raw and very real, along with the fun “whimsical vintage” blaxplotation look and feel to it all. So, having an ending wrapped in a pretty neat little bow just would not have been Tangerine.

GeekGirl World got the chance to sit down with Sean Baker and stars, Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, to talk about the film and if it really was as fun to make as it looked.

Tangerine is in theaters July 10, 2015.


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