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SDCC Day 3 Recap!

So many trailers were revealed at Comic-Con today, but unfortunately not a lot of footage has been officially released on the internet.. at least not just yet. Check out our recap of some of day 3’s most buzz worthy events:

Batman v Superman trailer

It’s here, it’s awesome, and now it’s available for everyone outside the confines of Comic-Con to watch.

Suicide Squad trailer revealed

DC revealed the trailer for Suicide Squad at Comic-Con, but unlike the Batman v Superman trailer, the studio hasn’t officially released it online.

There are plenty of leaked videos online from the panel, so if you do want to get a grainy, illegal view of the Joker & Co., you better get that done before it’s gone!

As for us, we’re just going to wait until they inevitably put the trailer online in all it’s HD glory.

Fox gives fans a first look at X-Men: Apocalypse, Jackman gets emotional11417319_1633109993640042_1397798838_n

Fox gave the panel audience a first look at Apocalypse, but much like Suicide Squad we are going to have to wait before we get the footage.

According to The Hollywood Reporterthe footage begins with a glimpse of Oscar Isaac as the villain, Apocalypse, and ended with James McAvoy Professor X, now completely bald.

Hugh Jackman, who will be reprising his role as Wolverine, spoke briefly, saying that this will be “my last time putting on the claws. This has been the greatest things that has ever happened to me.”

There was an X-Men montage shown prior to the new footage and many of the scenes heavily featured Jackman as Wolverine, all in honor of the actor’s last appearance as his most iconic character.

We do have at least something to share from the event, though. Before the panel even began, Fox was handing out flyers to fans with an artist’s rendering of Apocalypse‘s title character, which you can see on your right.

Deadpool trailer revealed

But once again we aren’t able to see it just yet. Ugh, the folly of man.

From what we’ve heard, the trailer is full of obscenities (as one would expect from an R-rated film) and is absolutely hysterical.

Ryan Reynolds (who plays Deadpool) shared a clip from the raunchy character himself before the panel begin, making fun of his characters past appearances and Reynold’s own superhero past.

Life will be so much better once this footage is shared with the world, that’s for damn sure!

Warner Bros. teases new Green Lantern movie

And speaking of Ryan Reynolds, Warner Bros. teased a new Green Lantern movie

during its introduction of the DC portion of the panel. Among the heroes and villains shown, a logo suddenly popped up saying “Green Lantern Corps.”

Is this an attempt at a reboot? We don’t know, but we certainly hope so!


GeekGirl World will keep you updated on the latest news from Comic-Con! Check back often to see new content. 

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