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Dog Day Sunday: Puppy Fashion!



Let’s face it: a lot of people don’t look too kindly at people who dress up their dogs. “Let a dog be a dog” they often say, rolling their eyes at the small outfits that the poor pooch’s owners forced upon them.

And to be honest, I used to be one of those people before I became a pet owner, too.

I still see pet clothing as kind of a joke, but I’ve come to really understand why people do it, and I’ve even done it myself with my Zuchon Bailey.

20150114_103600 (1)

I will note that I don’t often dress Bailey up, but when I do it’s usually for a good reason.

Bailey has hair, rather than fur, which is great for us because she doesn’t shed, but not that great for her because she isn’t able to adjust to frigid temperatures.

We live in Massachusetts, so bundling up Bailey for the winter is a must. The photo above was taken in late December of last year (as you can probably assume by her reindeer!), and you can even see little specks of snow on her that occurred when we walked from the warmth of our house to our snow-ready Subaru.

20150310_110846 20141123_104945_Richtone(HDR)

Her sweater is perfect for taking walks on snowy days, and she actually has quite a few!

20141105_131223 Screenshot_2014-09-14-19-03-41

But although she does have sweaters, we normally won’t put her in clothing, opting instead for a cute bandana (as seen above). I try to coordinate her bandanas with the seasons and holidays, so during March she will wear green for St. Patricks Day, a floral one for spring, a patriotic one for the summer, and a spooky one for Halloween!


…But on the more chilly October nights Bailey will dress up in her cutest pumpkin sweater! This year we are planning on purchasing an ewok costume for her, as we believe she will make a perfect one!

20150317_122428 FB_IMG_1426636506620

Alright, this one I don’t have too much of an excuse for. I dressed Bailey up as a leprechaun princess for her birthday, which just so happens to be on St. Patricks Day. That cute little hat was pretty much impossible to keep on her head (she kept pawing it off) so I only kept it on her long enough for a tiny photo op!

So I guess while my approach to dog fashion is “function and warmth”, I still like to play around with outfits on my pup for my own guilty pleasures! But luckily for Bailey, this is a rare occurrence!

Do you dress your pet up? Let us know in the comments below!

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