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‘Once Upon a Time’s Newest Princess Aims True at San Diego Comic Con

I was at Comic Con San Diego for the great 2013 Once Upon a Time panel in Ballroom 20, and it was quite a time to be alive. Once Upon a Time: Wonderland was in the works and we were treated to a 10 minute cut. Good Morning Storybrooke premiered and has since become a Youtube guilty pleasure for many Oncers. And Ariel stole Grumpy’s dinglehopper and our hearts with her brief, but thrilling, sneak peak!

And as much as I squeed, furiously clapped, jumped up and down in my seat, and made grabby hands at the stage and screens, I probably would have passed out if they had played this for me:

On a side note, I love that OUAT’s music can be so magical yet so stressful at the same time. *chills* Not only does Amy Manson walk with the comfortable stride of of her animated counterpart…
…but she also possesses all her sharpness of skill, too!
And even more importantly, our new Merida-in-the-flesh looks ready to take on the whole sorted forest!

Now here’s the thing about Merida: the movie was called Brave, not Free Spirit or Merida the Adventurer, but Brave.

Brave can be quiet. Brave can be small. Brave can be stalwart and steadfast. Brave can be graceful and clever. Brave is something anybody can be, but they have to choose to be it. And if you look at who the heroes are in OUAT, you see that those who earn the title “brave” chose to be bold, chose to put others ahead of themselves, chose to embrace who they really are and the strengths and sacrifices that go along with that acceptance. If there was ever a mascot for Season 5, Merida will be it!

There is speculation as to what other role she’ll play in the upcoming season.

With Emma becoming the Dark Swan and the Apprentice’s dying admonition to find Merlin, it’s quite possible that Merida may have her own hand to lend in the search for history and folklore’s greatest magician of all time. Or perhaps she runs afoul of the new Dark One when Emma makes her way to the Enchanted Forest, as teased in ABC’s other promo video here.

Some of Amy Mason’s more recent geeky roles include Alice Guppy from Torchwood (2008), Daisy from Being Human (2010), and Medea in Atlantis (2014). But devotees will remember her fondly as Jodie Hatfield from 2007’s Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud.

What do you think of our first look at Merida? Do you think Amy Mason is a good choice for our new princess? What do you think Merida’s role will be in Season 5? 

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2 thoughts on “‘Once Upon a Time’s Newest Princess Aims True at San Diego Comic Con

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