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A ‘Game of Thrones’ Edition of Risk is Coming!

Think you could survive in the Seven Kingdoms? In August you’ll get the chance to find out when USAopoly/Hasbro joins forces with HBO to release a Game of Thrones edition of Risk!

Players will vie for control as one of seven houses on two combinable game boards. There will gotpiecesbe three different ways to play and there will be over 650 game pieces representing the Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Martell, Tyrell, Targaryen, and Ghiscari houses. In addition, there will also be character cards that will affect how the battles are fought and won, objective cards to complete quests, Maester cards for wisdom, and gold dragon coins.

The Westeros map gameplay consists of The War of the Five Kings and includes the Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Martell and Tyrell houses, while the Essos map gameplay consists of house Targaryen and Ghiscari battling for control of the slaves.  When the two maps are combined it becomes a battle royale for complete control between all 7 houses. Players will also be able to keep track of their kingdoms to customizable player boards.

This sure to be impressive game will retail for $74.95, which a steal when you consider all it will include. Let us know if you plan on picking it up and don’t forget: valar morghulis.

Images courtesy of  The Wall Street Journal, who exclusively reported this news first. 

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