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Music Monday: Review of ‘Frank’ by Amy Winehouse

In honor of the new documentary Amy, that is currently in theaters, I opted to do her 2003 debut album Frank, which just celebrated its ten year release earlier this monthFrank. When I first heard her mainstream success I was astounded by her voice, and that forced me to look and see what else she had done. Let me tell you Frank makes Back to Black a sad follow up. Don’t misunderstand me, Back to Black is great, but Frank is amazing by comparison. So I hope after reading this, it will get you out there and listening.

Frank opens with “Sent Me Flying” and that soulful voice and the soft piano had me hooked right in. The album picks up a little in “Know You Now”, but still keeping with her soft voice and jazzy sounds. Her stand out for me on the album, “F* Me Pumps”, is nothing like anything she has. It has a very interesting rap feel actually, and a continuous rhythm. I think it’s brilliant, and I think that if she was still with us we would have gotten a few more like this for sure. “In My Bed” is most likely her most popular song from this album, and with hypnotic baseline you can just love along with. The album flows along beautifully, and has upbeat and slow down songs that made me know in my heart that she was an amazing artist.

So if you have never listened to her, or you’ve never heard of Frank (a travesty in my opinion), then get up, go over to that computer (who am I kidding your already in front of your computer), and click on iTunes or Spotify and just give five of the tracks a listen. If you don’t like it then you’re either from another planet or have zero taste. So until next week, I say, “Later nerds and enjoy listening!”

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