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Surviving the Summer Break for Once Upon a Time Fans – Camelot Cast Revealed!

I’m swimming in Once Upon a Time news from Comic Con like Prince Charming water dancing with the Lady in the Lake-turned Snow White: it’s sexy as hell, but it isn’t real.

“Nah, nah, honey, I’m good.”

I wanted to title this article “Comic-Con Is the Cure for the Summertime Once Upon a Time Blues,” but while I’ve reveled in every little scrap of news coming out of San Diego this weekend, I’m feeling ever the more desperate for September 27. Every funny, exciting, thrilling quote, picture, or revelation that’s proffered up, just reminds me more and more that that which we yearn for is still 76 days away.

By the way, I made this. Consider it a gift. Christmas in July, etc., etc. You’re super welcome. Please send cookies.

But several weeks ago I did say we have to stay optimistic if we want to make it out of Summer break alive. And while I loathe eating my words (they get in the way of the delicious cookies I’m trying to shovel in there), I have to admit, it really is the best course of action. So let’s focus on the positive!

We have FOUR new confirmed actors for Season 5 according to the news out of Saturday’s OUaT panel. We’ve already focused on Amy Mason who was cast as Merida, the arrow-shooting red-head who doesn’t take any MacGuff from anyone. It’s possible she may make an early appearance and play a part in the Dark Swan storyline, but my doubloons are on her making her debut Zelena-style and kicking off the second half of the season post hiatus and after the Dark Swan chapter closes.

Since Episode 1 of Season 5 is definitely titled “Dark Swan,” and it is confirmed by show creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis that the episode will pick up just moments after the events of the Season 4 finale, we can easily assume that the Apprentice’s dying admonition to “find Merlin” will be on the top of everyone’s to do list. Merlin, of Authurian legend fame, is to be played by Elliot Knight.

© DAVID MCNEW/Reuters/Corbis

Most famous for his portrayal of the pirate Sinbad in the 2013 UK television show of the same name, Knight is an unexpected yet intriguing choice for the wizard to end all Dark Ones.

Knight is twenty-five years old, which is a sharp contrast to the traditional depiction of Merlin as an aged warlock. Anything written about Merlin’s younger years dealt much with his love life, which is always a topic OUaT is masterful at making into motive. Considering the Lady in the Lake has already been well-established, she would be an excellent introduction to Merlin in an episode; recounting her possible backstory as Viviane the huntress, and Merlin’s legendary obsession with her. Of course, Knight is just playing the part. They may very well age him, or explain away his age to magic. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time on this show for that!

Lisbon born Joana Metrass joins the cast as Camelot’s Guinevere.

Mug Photography

Her credits include long-running Portuguese dramas Morangos com Açúcar (2012) and Sinais de Vida (2013).

Andrew Jenkins head shot

Fresh out of Wayward Pines (2015) is Andrew Jenkins who will portray Percival, one of King Arthur’s knights. As Lancelot appeared in Season 2, it’s reasonable to assume that he and several other knights may also play a part in the backstory of Merlin. No word yet if phrases like “Holy Grail” or “Quest” or “Shrubbery” will come up along the way, but knights and princesses in Camelot rarely have boring days, so I expect we can look forward to some of the traditional mythos weaving its way into the Dark Swan storyline.

I and other Oncers are also interested to see if fan speculation might become canon. You’ll remember that at the end of Operation Mongoose Part 2, Lily, who is dragonborn, asked Emma if she minded if she stayed in town to look for her real father.

“I’m trying to get me an mom on Maury, but they say I have to at least three suspected dads before they’ll even interview me.”

As Merlin is known for his demonic origins and his penchant for talking to dragons, there are definite rumblings about if Merlin will be revealed to be Maleficent’s dragondaddy. While likely it’s also rather obvious, so I’m calling fifty-fifty odds on that scenario.

Maybe I’ll change the name of the article to the “Once Upon a Time Summer Speculation 2015 Bonanza.” I feel like I’m sitting around, pre-Deathly Hallows, spitballing what I think is going to happen in book seven of Harry Potter based off of the color scheme of the dust jacket. But no matter what happens, good or bad, expected or blindsided, traditional or whole new story, I am confident that someone will send me cookies— I mean, that Season 5 will be the most magical season yet! Join me in the comments for more spitballing!

Do you like the choices for the our new Camelot cast?
What theories do you have about Merlin, Guinevere, and Percival?
Do you think Merlin and Lily will be related?

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