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Music Monday Review: ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful’ by Florence + the Machine

I’ve been having a real life internal debate with myself about writing this review.  I probably started it at least a hundred times, listened to the album again, and then wrote again.  I literally felt like a hamster in a wheel writing this piece.  I wanted to make sure I let fans know that Im not bias to bands I like, and I finally just wrote it even though I’m a huge fan of hers, and have been for years.

Florence_and_the_Machine_-_How_Big_How_Blue_How_Beautiful_(Official_Album_Cover)Florence Welch’s voice does it again, but that’s about all this album had for me.  Each song melded into the next, and sounded almost exactly the same as the previous track.  I kept thinking the next song is going to kick this album into high gear…okay maybe the next one.  We had no “Kiss with a Fist” from Lungs, no “Shake it Out”  from Ceremonials; the whole thing sounded like one continuous song to me.  If I had to try and pick a stand out track, it would easily be “What Kind of Man.” It was the only song that I felt even a little fire like I’m used to hearing from this group.  I thought the second album was the struggle,  you know the sophomore slump, but not with Florence + the Machine,  it was her junior album that struck her down.

Maybe I was just overhyped because I’m a fan, but even with that I can’t in good conscience tell people it was worth it.  Unless you’re like me, and you have the other two albums.  I can’t not have the third one, because its like seeing R2D2 without C3Po,  even though honestly who likes 3Po?

So I’m sorry Florence + the Machine fans, but this album fell way short for me.  Hopefully next week I’ll be sending you a happier note.  So ’til then keep listening, and if anyone has anything they want my crazy opinion on, let me know.


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