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Windows 10, The Apple Watch and Sleepy Hollow – GeekGirl Daily

On Monday’s edition of the GeekGirl Daily, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be available on Wednesday, July 29, however, it’s streaming on the Xbox One console now. Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for 1 year for current Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. That is a huge deal considering there is usually an upgrade fee with the Windows operating system. The price point for new users is $119 for the home edition and $199 for the pro edition, and even that pricing is not too shabby. That’s not enough for a hardened Mac user like me to switch to PC again, but I might consider getting PC as a backup, and I can always just check it out on my Xbox One.

Speaking of Apple, the Apple Watch isn’t doing too well, and I wonder why. The price point is kind of ridiculous and pretty much alienated their core demographic. For an accessory that does everything your phone does except call independently coming in at $550-$1,100 for the standard edition is a bit much. And I think everyone can agree that the Apple Watch Edition starting at $10,000 is a bit of a joke considering only the bezel and buckle are in gold. Here’s hoping that when the Apple Watch 2 or S or whatever they decide to call the next iteration will have some nice features that will make consumers want to buy it other than just being an apple product.

Segueing into TV news, fans are raging over the casting of Nikki Reed as Betsy Ross in Sleepy Hollow, and I totally agree with them because Why? Why do we need her? The casting notice made mention of this incarnation of Betsy Ross being the “Mrs. Smith” to Icabod’s “Mr. Smith”, which already lets me know I’m not going to like this season at all. Not to mention they are throwing in some pointless crossover with Bones, a show that is dying a slow death when Sleepy Hollow is already on life support. Pretty much if I don’t like what I see in the season premiere, I’m not sticking around for the cross over episode, and I think the majority of the fanbase will agree with me.

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