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Surviving the Summer Break for ‘Once Upon a Time’ Fans – 5 Fan Theories About Season 5

We’re still riding the wave of new Once Upon a Time season 5 info that came out of San Diego Comic-Con last week, and message boards and blogs are still abuzz with speculation and rumors.

So instead of enjoying a new, shiny, much anticipated episode of Once Upon a Time (which is a long 69 days away as of today’s publishing), we’ve complied some interesting (and likely accurate) fan theories from around the internet, which we’ve presented in no particular order except perhaps based on our own amusement. Be sure to add your own thoughts on these and other theories you support down in the comments!

5. Rumpelstiltskin is Prince Adam

There are several versions of this theory, but all of them pretty much agree that Mr. Gold’s first name in Storybrooke will eventually be revealed to be Adam, more specifically Prince Adam, the human version of Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Fans believe that the red-headed Seer (who Rumple was seen guarding during the Ogre Wars early on in the series) is the equivalent of the old woman from Beauty and the Beast who came to Prince Adam’s castle peddling flowers and prophecy, eventually cursing him. Fans further believe that Rumple’s own blackened heart is a representation of the enchanted rose whose falling petals bring Prince Adam/Beast closer to his demise.

“I need to have Belle clean out from behind the refrigerator more often.”

Why this works: This is totally plausible because Rumple is obviously the Beast from the titular Beauty and the Beast, and all the other little details support that: there’s a giant castle full of enchanted items, the trade of Maurice’s life (and those in his kingdom) for Belle’s companionship, the defeat of Gaston, and of course this moment:

Belle, that chip is like a whole inch wide.

While Rumpelstiltskin and Prince Adam are traditionally two totally different people, there’s really no reason why they couldn’t be the same one. Rumple is about two hundred years old – that’s more than enough time for him to fit in two lives.

“I’m over 200 years old, but I still got moves.”

What this means for Season 5: Mr. Gold having a first name that sounds both strong and kind would represent his transformation from beast into prince. His heart, which much like the rose that lost its petals, is now restored. And while the Beast may not forget his monstrous past, it would be clear that these changes would put him on a new path. Restoring Gold’s humanity may very well be the thing that’s needed to solidify his role in helping to save Emma from the Darkness.

4. Killian is actually King Arthur’s son

Why it works: Hook is as old as Rumpelstiltskin, so his timeline stretches far back enough to include something as old as Arthurian legend. Plus, Killian knows his way around a royal ball, including the parts you can’t fake, like waltzing.

“So, pfft, this DJ, amirite?”

He’s also an excellent swordsman, and what better teacher than the man who defended Britain from the invasion of the Saxons?

When Killian was a lieutenant in the royal navy, he and his brother spoke of an enemy their King wished to defeat, which is possibly the aforementioned invading Saxons. They’d also been sent on a mission to find an item in Neverland that was rumored to cure any affliction, which is similiar to the legend of the Holy Grail. Killian’s authority as Captain was accepted unanimously after his brother’s death.

“We set sail for the dark side! They have cookies!”

Could this be because he was the respected son of a king? Becoming a traitor to the King would have solidified his new lifestyle as pirate. Perhaps the story that Hook told Baelfire about his father becoming a fugitive and abandoning him was actually a half truth that was based off of Killian’s father betraying him with his lies and desire for a weapon that would destroy their enemies in a dishonorable manner.

What it means for Season 5: Killian would have some obvious ties to Merlin, and they might be more painful and complex than we can imagine. Merlin is said to have influenced Arthur greatly as a child, tutored him, and set him on his path to greatness. This would effectively make Merlin a kind of grandfather to Killian. As we know OUaT father-son-grandfather relationships don’t usually come with the warm fuzzy glow of a Norman Rockwell painting.

And this was it ending quietly.

Moreover it would make his quest to protect Emma’s heart even more personal if the man he had to find was the man who raised his own father. Hook has lived as a pirate for so long, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about his former life before Neverland. If all those emotions get dredged up, it has the potential to solidify him as a hero, or tempt him back to the ways of a villain (Dark Emma may be very attractive to Killian).

You’re evil… I’m evil… Let’s date!

3. Merida and Mulan were an item, or at least very close

Why it works: Merida. Bows and arrows. Robin Hood. Merry Men. Mulan. Boom, cannon. But to put a finer point on it, Mulan left Aurora heartbroken and she joined up with Robin.

That awkward moment when your tears are as swift as a coursing river.

It’s reasonable to believe that in the time between their leaving Rumple’s castle when Neal followed the Shadow to Neverland and Robin meeting up with the Storybrooke refugees later in the season after Pan’s curse that the Merry Men and Merida crossed paths. Merida is a strong woman who defied her parent’s and society’s limitations and expectations of her, finding the courage inside of her to make a change for the better, and in turn helped save her people from a terrifying enemy. I’m pretty sure she and Mulan would at the very least have something to talk about around the campfire.

Mischievous, doesn’t listen, prone to trusting witches, and magic nearly killed her whole family. Yeah, she’ll fit right in.

What it means for Season 5: Regardless of whether or not we see Merida in Storybrooke, having her appear in an Enchanted Forest backstory episode about what happened to Mulan after she left Aurora to take Robin up on his offer would be spectacular. And if Mulan and Merida have romantic leanings, perhaps it would give Mulan hope that there are more princesses in the sea than just the lovely-but-attached Aurora.

2. The Blue Fairy will stop masquerading as Lawful Neutral and show her true colors as Lawful Evil now that the Savior has fulfilled her destiny and gone Dark

Why it works: Reul Ghorm is notorious for maintaining order and discipline and for touting the strict importance of following the traditional rules of fairyhood. But she’s also shown that she can and will choose to lie when it seems that a larger agenda needs to be furthered, as evidenced very early when she lied to Snow and Charming as to how many people the magical wardrobe would be able to hold in order to allow Marco to send Pinocchio along to the Land Without Magic.

Yeah, you’d know all about secrets, wouldn’t you, you sketchy moth…

What it means for Season 5: Magic of the Blue Fairy’s caliber can make things super complicated if it serves to hinder and not help the quest to save Emma from the Darkness. It would serve as a fantastic challenge for Regina and a (we assume) magicless Mr. Gold to defeat Blue in order to advance towards Merlin. #bossfight

You’re on your own, Regina.

1. Merlin is Lily’s father

There is an entire dark corner of the Internet devoted to this kind of fanfic.

Why it works: At the end of Season 4 Lily wanted to stay in town to see if she could find her father. Emma said she’d help, but now we need to find Merlin in order to save Emma. A new character, who happens to also be traditionally of demonic origins, who likes dragons, is coming into the mix right when Lily starts looking for the guy who would have impregnated Maleficent in dragon form? Yeah, that’s pretty solid.


What it means for Season 5: Lily will play a much bigger part in Emma’s life as she and Maleficent help the Charmings, Hook, and Regina find the Sorcerer Merlin. Lily won’t just be driven by her revenge (like she was when she searched to find Malificent), but rather by her love for Emma and the desire to reunite her family. Emma has turned dark, so now it’s Lily’s turn to turn light. Hopefully any involvement on Lily’s part won’t see her sacrificing her life for Emma.

Do you think any of these theories hold water? What are your theories for Season 5? Let us know in the comments!

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