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‘The Sword in the Stone’ Set To Become Live Action Movie

With the success of animated turned live action movies, Disney has announced that in addition to its Prince Charming project,  they will also be making a live action rendition of The Sword in the Stone, with Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman writing the script.

The original 1963 animated movie is based off of T.H White’s novel of the same name (which later went on to be a series of books called The Once and Future King). For those unfamiliar with the story, The Sword in the Stone is about a 12 year old orphaned boy that becomes king after removing a sword stuck in a London anvil, thus become King Arthur.

Coinciding with the news he will be writing the script, Cogman posted the following Tweet:

Bryan Cogman is still pretty fresh in the industry in regards to script writing, having really only worked on Game of Thrones. He’s been with Thrones since day one and has written several episodes, but he is primarily just the script editor on the show.

In addition to The Sword in the Stone, Cogman will also be writing the script for the movie adaptation of Magic: The Gathering.

There is no news yet about when the movie is slated to be released, but Geekgirl World will keep you updated!

Do you think Bryan Cogman has what it takes to bring The Sword and the Stone to life? Let us know in the comments below!

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