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Music Monday Review: ‘Roll the Bones’ by Rush

With the way music is today,  most groups aren’t able to pump out music for 40 plus years, but not these guys, no way, not Rush.  Growing up I’ve literally heard every album at a minimum of 10 times, since my mom has to be their biggest fan. No! I’m serious, when I asked her before writing this, “How many times have you seen them?” She couldn’t even give me a real answer, and I quote, “I have no clue somewhere between 15 and 20.” That’s crazy that a band is able to still be on their “A” game and making music for over 40 years. I give them all the props, and will be reviewing their album Roll the Bones this week.

Rush-620Rush as a group doesn’t just write and perform songs, they write and perform ballads. Take “Bravado” for instance. In the song they say, “We will pay the price, but we never count the cost.” This statement is true in almost any aspect of life and that is what Rush as a band  does. Any song I’ve heard from them is like that; turning your thoughts on end, and making you reevaluate things. “Face Up” and “Roll the Bones” are my go to songs on this album, but honestly there’s not a single bad song is on this album, and that’s hard to do these days; to have an entire album that you can make you feel at peace.

If I had to pick a band that knows what they’re doing as a rock band, it is Rush. No other group that I know of has ever been able to do it. Not even the The Rolling Stones, who haven’t had an original album in a minimum of 10 years. As a whole this group has it all, and the only reason they’re turning off their amps is not because of ability, but physical limitations (Damn you, Age!) Unfortunately, age is  what will stop this band, and this is a musical sadness.

So Rush, I personally salute you for becoming a band, and my mom for forcing me to listen to such awesomeness.


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