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Is Channing Tatum Leaving ‘Gambit’?

The internet went crazy after a rumor spread that Channing Tatum may be exiting FOX’s Gambit.

Fans of the Tatum Tots were disappointed in this development, while others rejoiced! “At long last the Tatum has fled!” Those dubious of his ability to properly portray the comic book character who they hold near to their hearts breathed a sigh of collective relief.

But even Tatum haters have to admit that he has evolved as an actor from his great performance in Fox Catcher, and he’s shown that he has developed comedic timing in the Jump Street reboot.

No matter where you fall in the Gambit fandom, it is important to point out that Channing Tatum was responsible for making this solo movie happen. If it wasn’t for his constant talks with studio executives, FOX may not have even considered the Cajun for his own film. Though it’s hard for fans to believe, Tatum has been a life-long fan of the character. Would he have actually portrayed the Ragin’ Cajun well? If these rumors prove to be true we’ll never know. We will, however, still have a Gambit movie that may be produced by Tatum and his creative partner, Reid Carolin.

Potential replacements have not yet been discussed.

Taylor Kitsch, who portrayed a fantastic Ultimate Gambit, has had his dance card full for quite some time now. Could Norman Reedus, a fan favorite, step into the role? What about Michael Raymond-James (True Blood, Once Upon A Time) who seems to have perfected his Cajun accent? Lets face it: fans aren’t going to be happy with any casting unless Fox can somehow use their mutant powers to bring this guy to life:


Gambit is slated for release on Oct. 7, 2016.

How do you feel about Tatum possibly stepping out of the role? Let us know in the comments below!

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