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‘Pixels’: A Positive Review


Rated: Pg: 13
Length: 106 min
Stars: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan
Director: Chris Columbus

Pixels, the newest movie from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison productions and Chris Columbus, debuted this past weekend with less than stellar reviews.

But why?

When my boyfriend and I were debating on what to watch, we decided to head to the theater to see Pixels, a film that we felt comfortable with knowing that if the baby woke up, one of use could tend to her and the story wouldn’t be missed and could be easily filled in.

Now,  I knew leading up to the release of this movie that people were already dissing it, primarily because it stars Adam Sandler, and his movies as of late aren’t up to par with his works in the 90s and early 2000s.

With all that being said, I will say this proudly of Pixels: I LOVED IT!

I really don’t get why people are bashing this movie. Is it because it’s not a remake? Or is it because it’s not following a story line that has been used a million times in Hollywood?

The acting was what you would expect from a goofy movie. It was by no means Oscar worthy, but there has been worse acting in comedic movies, even from Oscar winners.

If you grew up in the 80s, or played games in the 90s, this movie should have you leaving with a huge grin on your face. The plot itself is original, and that right there should have you brimming with happiness due to the fact that you’re not watching some sappy movie that was based off a book and follows the same format as the one before it.

I love me some super hero movies, but there have been so many being produced as of late, making Pixels truly a breath of fresh air.

The movie, if you haven’t looked into it, is about a group of adults that were former video game champions in their younger years. Flash forward thirty plus years, you find them working in various fields of work, all with their own obstacles that they are facing, when all of a sudden something attacks a military base. The base is annihilated and the attackers take a “trophy”.


Through a series of pieced together 80s videos and interviews, the aliens that attacked tell them that when a time capsule was sent to space, they opened it and perceived it as a threat of war. The aliens took the forms of the people and things they saw in the capsule, and thus began an intergalactic war to save our planet from a race of aliens taking on the forms of Centipede, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Hall and Oats, Madonna, etc. The only people who can truly beat these aliens are the world champions from the 80s, whose knowledge allows them to know the alien race’s moves, tactics and patterns.

This movie brought me back to how gaming was and should be. With all the hack and slash games, there’s no real strategy being used anymore (Adam Sandler mentions this in the movie, and it really struck a chord with me).

It’s really upsetting that movies like this get a bad rep for one reason or another, and they end up floundering at the box office because of someone’s bad review of it.

Honestly, you can’t and shouldn’t go off previous movies, and you really shouldn’t listen to these big named reviewers. It is in my opinion that they’re doing these reviews for their status,  swaying those who are easily swayed and are on the fence about whether or not they want to see it. It may not be the type of movie they like, so they will automatically go in there with a bad taste in their mouth. But hey, they get paid and their opinion matters (or so they believe) so they don’t care what they do to movies, or to people for that matter.

Had I listened to the reviewers, I would have missed out on something that, in the end, I would have regretted not seeing.

Pixels produced more than a handful of chuckles for me, and one or two flat out knee slapping hoots. If you liked (or continue to like) the games featured in the film, or if you like any one of Adam Sandler’s or Chris Columbus’ past films, then this movie is definitely worth seeing.

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