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Face Off Recap, Ep.1 : Intergalactic Zoo

Face Off Season 9 is finally here! Let’s all take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief that we can all get our fix of awe-inspiring makeup once again. This season promises to be one of the most challenging yet, and they are kicking it off right by giving the artists an incredibly difficult spotlight challenge. They must work together in teams of two to create a fantastical intergalactic beast using two models in perfect symbiosis within a single makeup. The teams are determined by who arrived with who, and they are given inspiration from the various animals and minerals found in the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

There are the all-too-familiar freak-outs with concept moulding, and of course last looks, but there are also a few stand out artists who have incredible confidence which shows through in their concepts and makeups. With so many contestants early on, it is difficult to focus on anyone in particular, and with 8 finished makeups to showcase we find ourselves on the reveal stage in no time.

With Jasmine and Ricky, Brittany and Jason, Missy and Meg, and Nora and Scott safe, we are left with the top and bottom looks. I must admit I was very surprised by these choices, and I thought for sure Missy and Meg would be amongst the bottom looks and Jasmine and Ricky would be amongst the top.

Sidney and Evan along with Ben and Jordan are the two top looks leaving Omar and Kevon and Libby and Stevie to fear being sent home for being in the bottom. The judges choose Ben and Jordan’s creature as the best, awarding Ben the first overall top look. Glenn then has to deliver the bad news of who is to be the first to be sent home this season, and in a quick turn of events informs them that no one will be going home tonight! They wanted everyone to understand just how tough this season will be, and what they can expect in the upcoming challenges.

I cannot wait to see just how far the artists will be pushed this season, and what new twists and turns will be in store. Let us know what you’re looking forward to the most and if there are any artists you think are the early front-runners.

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