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Will Channing Tatum Leave ‘Gambit’? We Have the Official Word!

We recently discussed the rumor that Channing Tatum was leaving Gambit, a project that was pretty much his idea.

Many people across the internet rejoiced at the idea, while others were left disappointed that the hunky star of 21 Jump Street was leaving the project. But with the rumors being, well, rumors, nobody could know for sure what the hell was going to happen.

But now we have official word regarding Tatum’s status with Gambit: He will be starring in the film!

The Hollywood Reporter was first to break this exclusive news, and, according to their sources, those rumors that divided the internet into pro-Tatum and anti-Tatum camps did hold some merit afterall.

Sources say that Tatum and the studio actually did hit a snag during negotiations, but Tatum’s role was never in any real danger as the actor had already invested himself as both an actor and a producer for Gambit.

He even made a surprise appearance at Fox’s X-Men panel at Comic-Con in July, which pretty much solidified him in the role.

With Tatum confirmed, Gambit is now well on its way to becoming a huge part of the X-Men Universe. What that part will grow to be, only time can tell.

Gambit is being produced by 20th Century Fox and is an X-Men spin off movie. The film hits theaters October 2016.

Are you excited that Tatum is still on board for Gambit, or should another actor have taken his place? Let us know in the comments!

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