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Face Off Ep 2: Siren Song

This week the artists meet up with Mckenzie aboard the USCSC George Cobb to find out what their makeup inspiration will be. Once fully out to sea, Mckenzie lets them know they are to create a beautiful but deadly creature from myth, the Siren. I am just as excited as the artists for this, and cannot wait to see what they come up with! Since there are still 16 contestants, they are randomly paired off,, and each team must choose a sea creature to model their Siren after.

Sidney and Omar choose the Portuguese Man O’ War, Brittany and Nora choose the Flabellina Nudibrach, Evan and Jason pick the Peacock Mantis Shrimp, while Ricky and Ben get the Blue Sea Slug. Scott is paired with Stevie and they select the Blue ringed Octopus, Kevon and Meg are teamed up and choose the Cone Snail, Missy is with Libby and they grab the Striped Surgeonfish, and Jasmine and Jordan take the final creature, the Yellow Boxfish.

After some initial sketching and concept development they all head back to the lab to start day one of three. Models are chosen, and face sculpts and cowls are quick to be fleshed out. When Mckenzie does her walkthrough with her father, he notices some flaws with Meg’s face sculpt, and she ends up having to trash it and start over.

Evan and Jason are hard at work on their cowl when it locks into the mold, and has to be chiseled out. They are certain it’s going to be in pieces come tomorrow. Meg is finally happy with her face sculpt and takes it to mold as well.

Turns out it is Brittany and Nora that should have been worried about their cowl, as they come in the next day to discover all the tips broke off their beautiful piece. These two are on it though, and are quick to fix it using makeup sponges as filler for the missing pieces. There is a ton of pre-painting happening as everyone prepares for last looks, but it is Missy and Libby that can’t seem to agree on the paint pattern for their siren.

During last looks, it is the beauty makeup that appears to have the majority of teams stumped as some must attempt it for the first time in their careers.  The hour is up too soon though, and the models take to the stage for judging. Before their creations are displayed however, Mckenzie informs them that two artists will be packing up their makeup brushes and heading home tonight.

Evan and Jason, Ricky and Ben, Scott and Stevie, and Jordan and Jasmine are all safe. Although, I personally feel as though Ricky and Ben’s Blue Sea Slug was absolutely gorgeous, it’s Kevon and Meg as well as Brittany and Nora that find themselves in the top looks for the night. When Glenn asks Meg and Kevon what they think of their creation, Meg feels it is “ok” and Kevon takes it a step farther declaring he’d date her. Glenn is a little disturbed by this, but more disturbed that Meg doesn’t understand how lovely their creation really is.

On the bottom tonight are Sidney and Omar who the judges feel did not put enough into their work this week with only a cowl that Ve considers “cabbage-like” and a staff. Along with them is Missy and Libby, whose Siren Neville said he wouldn’t go near, but conjectures Kevon might. Glenn enjoyed the profile of their Siren, but could not find their inspiration sea creature anywhere in their finished makeup.

In the end it is Kevon and Meg’s haunting Siren who takes the win, with Meg getting the overall recognition for her contributions. The first artists to be asked to leave Face Off are Sidney and Omar. The judges just could not understand what the majority of their time was spent on.

Tell us which looks you liked the most and which artists are beginning to stand out among the pack.

Also don’t forget that next week is the 100th episode!!!!  


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