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‘World of Warcraft’: Legion Announced

The World of Warcraft event at Gamescon 2015 in Cologne, Germany is currently in full swing! Blizzard Entertainment is using the event to unveil Legion, the latest chapter in the Warcraft saga.

Some goodies have already been revealed, and naturally, being the kind-hearted geeks we are at GeekGirl World, we’ve decided to share them with you!

First up is the cinematic teaser for Legion, which, like always, is in way better quality than anything you could realistically expect from the game (but we honestly don’t mind):

The teaser centers around Gul’dan, and it strongly hints that Illidan the Betrayer will be making a return.

In addition to the teaser, Blizzard also revealed a video outlying the new features to expect from the game, including new dungeons, raids, and even levels:

Beta for Legion will begin later this year.

Hungry for more Warcraft news? Head over to Blizzard’s website to watch the live steam of the event!

Are you excited for this latest expansion, or will Legion fall flat of expectations?? Let us know in the comments below!

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