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Face Off: EP 3: Surprise of the Century

This week is Face Off’s 100th episode! For this monumental occasion, Mckenzie has the artists meet her in a rather odd location. In the Pasadena Mausoleum we find Mckenzie with seven couple’s pictures on tablets on the table next to her. For this week’s challenge, the artists will need to pair up, choose a couple, and create a whimsical macabre theme, i.e. Beetlejuice, unique to each couple’s personalities.

Once the couples are transformed, Mckenzie, being an ordained minister, will then marry them on the reveal stage in a fantastic celebration unlike any other. The artists choose their partners, much like the engaged couples, and then also choose a couple to work with.

Ricky and Jordan’s couple loves video games, and can’t be more enthusiastic to work with elements they are familiar with as well and decide on a shock theme. Ben and Jasmine’s couple are total cat people, and would like a Beauty and the Beast element. Scott and Stevie have a couple that got engaged while Christmas Caroling, and want to use that as their main inspiration. Jason and Missy decide to go with a suicidal, together forever theme, while Meg and Nora are excited to have a couple with two grooms that they can have one be in drag. Libby and Brittany get a couple that love nature, and while they can easily see the whimsy in it, pulling out the macabre will be difficult. Kevon and Evan go with a classical angelic and demonic concept including wings for both characters.

At the reveal stage each couple presents themselves before the judges as well as their closest family and friends. After the judges take a closer look, Mckenzie then performs the group wedding ceremony, unable to hold back tears when each couple has their first married kiss. After the ceremony the couples and their families leave so that the judges are able to give their critiques. Libby and Brittany, Scott and Stevie, and Kevon and Evan are safe this week. Jason and Missy are on the bottom this week despite their thinking they were a top look. Glenn points out their anatomy is all wrong, and their paint is too muddy to be whimsical. With them is Meg and Nora who cause Ve to ask if they even know what whimsy is (I honestly have no idea either). The top looks go to Ricky and Jordan whose dayglow paint and beating heart gag won the judges over, and Neville especially liked the forms of each character. Also in the top was Ben and Jasmine whose characters not only had amazing profiles before the lights went up, but were exactly what whimsy is with yarn horns and stunning paint. Because the judges felt the paint on their female character was so spectacular the win this week goes to Jasmine.

After the winners were announced, it was time to cut the cake and pop the champagne! The couples celebrated along with their family, friends, artists, and judges. The episode ended with a “to be continued” as no one was announced to leave the show yet.

What did you think of these couples putting so much faith into each artist for such a special day an who do you think will be headed home?

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