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Comic Review: ’21st Century Tank Girl’ #3

21st_Century_Tank_Girl#321st Century Tank Girl is back in issue #3. Like issue 1 and issue 2, #3 is a cornucopia of stories, posters, and quotes, each overflowing with an abundance of adventure and chaos for our favorite Australian renegade and her pals.

The issue begins when hungover party-goers go on a heist for God’s tighty whities (seriously). The story ran a bit long for my liking, but random drawings in the margins (including charicature cameos by Andy Warhol, a setient hamburger, and Cheech Marin) kept my interest when the somewhat predictable story could not. With a character as wacky as Tank Girl, I was surprised and somewhat disappointed that this story had so many “spy movie” tropes. I hope they were just paying homage and poking fun at the hokey genre, because otherwise there is no excuse for being cliche.

Other stories included a local Ma and Pa shop has been taken over by BALL-MART, a “cereal-ously” ridiculous problem when Booga trades in the group’s life savings to invest in Super-Krunchy Booga Flakes, and an Evel Knievel-esque stunt beautifully crafted to look like something straight out of the Sunday funnies.

While 21st Century Tank Girl #3 had some hits and misses, I still had fun reading the issue. I do recommend that you pick up a copy of the comic in stores, as it comes with a poster. Also, there were a few stand-alone pages with gorgeous art and inspiring quotes that were so empowering they deserve to be framed and hung!

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21st Century Tank Girl #3
WRITER: Alan Martin
ARTIST: Jamie Hewlett, Warwick Johnson-Caldwell, Phillip Bond, Jonathan Edwards, Brett Parson
COVER: Brett Parson
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics

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