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‘Behind the Magic’ of ‘Once Upon a Time’ at D23

This weekend Disney held its annual D23 Expo for fans where they unveiled future projects, big changes, new merchandise, and panels with celebrity interviews!

The Once Upon a Time panel, An Evening with Snow White & the Evil Queen, opened with a special behind the scenes feature. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas hosted the Behind the Magic tour of the Once Upon a Time set, showcasing Storybrooke and its environs!

Here is a recap of their quirky and rather adorable tour through the sets and lots that house their television home.

  • Goodwin introduces us to the lot where their main streets are laid out. This includes Granny’s diner where Josh Dallas is found cooking behind the counter
  • Fun fact: Dallas wanted to work as a cashier when he was little because he thought they got to keep all the money
  • In the Mayor’s office, the cast chairs are usually set up in the foyer; Mary Margaret’s song bird painting still hangs in the elegant but austere black and white office
  • Outside Goodwin loses Dallas again, but she finds Eduardo Castro, the head costume designer who points her in the possible direction of her husband
  • Down another hall we find a live set, the Blanchard loft– where we find Dallas asleep in their bed where they have been known to make … tacos *achem*
  • Mary Margaret has a collection of clocks and pictures of herself And Emma decorating her loft; the rarely seen bathroom is shown to ooh and aahs of the crowd
  • Dallas spots Jennifer Morrison, clad in her trademark red leather jacket, as she does her best Bigfoot-running-off-camera impression; Lana Parrilla wanders in munching on a pastry as Dallas whispers frantically, “It’s Lana, it’s Lana! Don’t look her in the eyes!” Parrilla turns to the camera and treats us with a look reminiscent of Mara daring the riders on Indiana Jones to make eye contact
  • Dallas leads us out to the back lot where he has once again lost Goodwin; at Stage 6 we find the outside of Mr. Gold’s pawn shop; inside we hear cackling from the back room, and we find Goodwin maniacally fiddling with the Dark One’s dagger
  • While Goodwin waves the Dagger around dangerously, Dallas tries to point out the more interesting props while avoiding the pointy end; Goodwin absconds casually with the Dagger
  • Dallas attempts to follow Goodwin and looks for her at Kraft Services; upon spotting her, he reminds her he will always find her; she offers him a piece of cheese…. skewered on the end of the Dagger

Thus concludes our Behind the Magic tour, written and hosted by Goodwin and Dallas! If you’d like to see the whole thing in glorious HD, look for in included in the Once Upon a Time DVD box set available August 18.

Did you attend D23? Tell us about it in the comments!

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