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‘Face Off’ Ep 4: Frightful Fiction

This weeks episode picks up where the 100th left off and we finally found out who is going home. It is between Missy, Jason, Nora, and Meg. The judges decide that because of terrible anatomy and muddy paint Missy is the one who will be headed home.

Mckenzie announces that, for the first time ever, there will be no foundation or spotlight challenge, but instead they will be doing a focus challenge. The focus challenge is similar to a spotlight challenge but it forces the artists to focus on the face and will only have 2 days to complete so their edges, blends, and makeup must be flawless. For their first focus challenge and individual challenge they will be diving into the very popular mash-up of literature and horror along the vein of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Their choices this week are:

The Legend of King Arthur and his Undead Knights; chosen by Kevon and Ben

The Scarlet Letter: Puritan Poltergeist; chosen by Jason and Meg

Great Expectation of a Serial Killer; chosen only by Brittany

Gulliver’s Travels in the Underworld; chosen by Jordan and Nora

Don Quixote: Monster of La Mancha; chosen by Scott and Stevie

The Exorcism of Monte Cristo; chosen by Ricky and Libby

Sherlock Holmes: Bloodsucker; chosen by Jasmine and Evan

The two days pass quickly and some of the artists have major struggles with concept and execution. Brittany attempts an old age and burn makeup despite Michael Westmore’s advice to scrap the old age part. Jason has to walk away from his sculpt due to design problems before eventually returning and finishing it. Stevie is most worried about her paint since she admits to not being very strong in that area and Meg struggles the whole time with her paint taking on a weird texture and being way too purple.

When the artists get to the reveal stage they see that an additional judge has joined this week. Lois Burwell (from previous seasons) joins Glenn, Ve and Neville at the judges table. When the judges take a closer look, Lois comments that Brittany’s sculpt and paint remind her of a stucco wall and Ve then adds that Meg’s is like concrete. Jasmine’s is last to be looked at and Glenn loves it right away.

Kevon, Ben, Jordan, Nora, Ricky, Libby, and Evan are all safe this week and head back to the makeup room. That leaves Jason, Meg and Brittany as the bottom looks and Scott, Jasmine, and and a not-confident-enough Stevie as the judges favorites. Scott takes overall (and I couldn’t agree more – his attention to the monster’s face and overall anatomy is spectacular).

I thought for sure that Meg was going home this week, but in the end it was Brittany that the judges decided just wasn’t focused enough for the challenge presented to her.

Who were your favorite looks and do you agree with the judges?

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