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Face Off Ep 5: The Gatekeepers

Time for another exciting episode of Face Off! This week is our first foundation challenge, and in megturn, immunity is up for grabs. The artists will have to draw inspiration from rorschach ink blots to create a makeup that can impress Emmy-winning artist Eryn Krueger Mekash. When time is called, we see what’s really in the artist’s psyche, and it is Meg’s organic mermaid that takes the win.

Time to put that immunity to work in this week’s spotlight challenge where the artists learn they will have to create both a gatekeeper and a creature the keep is guarding in another team challenge. To decide the teams, McKenzie gets to play the Key Master as each artist pulls a key, matching them with their partner and their inspiration gate.

The teams are Jason and Ricky who pull the key for the Aztec looking gate, Ben and Jordan whose gate is made of gold, Libby ends up paired with Meg and a large wooden gate, Evan and Stevie are happy to get the futuristic gate, Scott and Kevon grab the hellish gate, and Nora and Jasmine’s gate appears very open to interpretation with it’s exotic symbols covering it.

Back in the lab they all get right to work on their concepts and designs with each artist taking on the majority of the responsibility of one of the two characters they have to create. From the start Jason and Ricky are both having a hard time with their sculpts and end up scrapping them and starting over. Libby is also struggling with her sculpt since she decided to make an boar-like creature and doesn’t know much about the anatomy of a boar. Mr. Westmore notices this too on his walkthrough and attempts to give her some pointers. She ends up scraping the boar aspects and is very worried since she was in the bottom last week and her partner has immunity.

When last looks arrives, Jason still doesn’t have anything applied to his model and has to do it all in the last hour. Libby struggles with her paint and asks Meg for help, but Meg has too much to do on her character to help her out.

On the reveal stage each gate is brought out so the characters can perform with it and the judges can really get a feel for who the characters are. Ve, Glenn, and Neville enjoy Scott and Kevon’s characters as well as Stevie and Evan’s, and decide they are safe this week. Nora and Jasmine are one of the top teams, and Ve is in love with the beauty makeup Jasmine did on their female alien. Also on top is Ben and Jordan with Glenn blown away at how much fabrication Jordan got done. The forms and paint on the two top teams are absolutely beautiful.

For the bottom looks this week it is ultimately form and anatomy that foils them yet again. This season seems to have a lot of anatomy follies, and this week it is Libby who is the biggest victim of this along with Ricky and Jason. Since Meg has immunity, she is safe despite being in the bottom, and Libby’s fears come true when she is sent to pack up her kit.

This week had some incredible makeup, let us know in the comments what you thought.

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